How to Get Togepi in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

You can get Togepi from a man in Five Island. Cross the Water Labyrinth on the eastern coast of the island and talk to the man who will rate your Pokémon’s friendship with you. If your lead Pokémon has a high friendship stat with you, he will hand you Togepi.

Getting to the Water Labyrinth

The Water Labyrinth is a small pathway of water found on the eastern coast of Five Island. It’s named this way as you would need to navigate through it to arrive at another parcel of land across the island.

To get to the Water Labyrinth, first head to Vermillion City’s port to ride the ferry to Five Island.

Once you get to the island, head to the shore to the left of the Pokémon Center and have your Pokémon use Surf on the body of water.

Surf up a few ways ahead and veer to your left. You will find yourself in a patch of water with rocks littered across it. You’re now in the Water Labyrinth itself.

Navigate through the Water Labyrinth to arrive on the other side. The way through is pretty straightforward, you just have to be mindful of the rocks. Here’s the full map of the labyrinth to guide your way.

When you get off your Pokémon to the patch of land, talk to the gentleman in front of you and he asks you if you’re treating your Pokémon right.

Make sure you have a close friendship with your lead Pokémon or the Pokémon at the topmost slot of your party. You build this bond with your Pokémon every time you go to battle with them and you bring them along on your journey. The gentleman will check on them, so try to have a Pokémon you have spent a long time with, or even your starter Pokémon in front, instead of a Pokémon that’s newly caught.

When he has deemed that you treat your Pokémon right, he will hand you an egg that he had received from his travels. Make sure you have an empty slot in your party otherwise you won’t be able to receive the egg.

Hatching the Egg

As indicated in the egg’s info panel, it’s about to hatch. Walk around some more or accomplish some quests until you get the prompt that the egg is hatching.

The egg you received will hatch into Togepi!

Togepi is one of the few Pokémon you cannot actively find in the wild in the FireRed and LeafGreen games. As in its form, it is usually birthed from an egg.

Togepi is a baby Pokémon and is capable of evolving. At Level 5, its stats and move set are as follows:

Since you cannot capture Togepi in the wild, the only way of acquiring more Togepi is to breed the one that you have. You can breed Togepi by first evolving it into Togetic, and have Togetic and Ditto mate together to produce another Togepi egg.

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