How to Get HM 03 Surf in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

You can get HM 03 Surf by talking to the attendant in the Secret House in the Safari Zone. Play the Safari Game in Fuchsia City and find the Secret House. After receiving HM 03 from the attendant, you can use SURF outside of battle after earning the Soul Badge from Koga, the Gym Leader of Fuchsia City.

Getting into the Safari Zone

The Safari Zone is a special Pokémon preserve located in Fuchsia City. It houses various Pokémon that the trainers can attempt to catch through the safari game.

To get to the Safari Zone, first head to Fuchsia City.

The Safari Zone can be found in the northernmost part of the city. Head north while cutting some small trees along the way until you find the unique building with the place marker.

Head inside and pay the ₽ 500 entrance fee to play the Safari Game.

Inside the Safari Zone

Once inside, it is important to prioritize searching for the Secret House where the attendant is located. There is a limit to the number of steps you can take until you are transported back to the Safari Zone entrance, so make sure you find the Secret House before you reach 500 steps.

You will encounter a number of various Pokémon along the way, so a Max Repel can prove useful to keep them at bay while you make your way to the Secret House.

Once inside the Safari, go northeast until you can enter a new area.

In this area, continue straight to your right and up the first set of steps.

Head left and go down the steps. Continue upwards until you are met with another elevated cliff. Climb up the steps and make your way across.

Head northwest until you see two area entrances. Choose the bottom entrance as the one on top is a dead-end.

Upon arriving in the area, head left and climb the second set of steps on the cliff, disregarding the first one.

Make your way across by going down the steps and heading north, past the grass and the pond.

From here continue right and follow the path that goes up ahead. You will circle back down the other side of the pond.

Keep going heading down until you enter a new area in the zone.

You can find the Secret House in this area of the safari. Just walk over to your left to see the building similar to the Safari Zone building design.

Head inside and talk to the Safari Zone attendant. He will say that you’re the first person to reach the Secret House, and as a reward, he will give the HM 03 Surf.


Congratulations! You’ve now found one of the Hidden Moves!

Teaching Surf to your Pokémon

Surf is a powerful water move that can be taught to almost all water-type Pokémon.

Aside from being an effective move in battle, you can teach your Pokémon how to SURF and use it in the field.

But before being able to use SURF, you need to earn the Soulbadge from the Fuchsia City Gym. Beat Koga, the Gym Leader specializing in Poison-type Pokémon, and he will grant you the ability to use SURF outside of battle.

On Pokémon surf-back, you can now explore the different bodies of water in-game. This opens up numerous places that were otherwise inaccessible without SURF.

Make sure to make the most of the SURF move and keep exploring in-game to see what new places you can discover!

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