How to Get the Super Rod in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

The best rod in the game is given to you by the Fishing Guru’s younger brother. His house is located in Route 12 by the Silence Bridge. Talk to him and he introduces himself before giving you the Super Rod.

Fishing Guru’s Younger Brother

The last of the Fishing Guru’s brothers lives on Route 12. His house is in between the bridge pathways en route to Fuchsia City from Vermillion City or Lavender Town.

Head inside and talk to him. He introduces himself as the younger brother of the Fishing Guru.

Like his brothers, he asks if you like to fish. He’s happy to hear you do like fishing so he gives you the Super Rod.

After receiving the rod, he asks if you can show a big Magikarp you can catch with the rod.

Try catching Magikarp with your Super Rod, although it’s easier to catch one using the Old Rod. Show him any Magikarp you’ve caught and if you present him with a big one, he hands you a Net Ball as a reward.

Using the Super Rod

The Super Rod is the best of all fishing rods in-game. It can catch unique and higher-level Pokémon than the Good Rod.

Go outside his house and try your hand fishing with your new rod. The area around the route is a known fishing spot.

Super Rod

See what other Pokémon you can add to your Pokédex with the Super Rod at your disposal!

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