Where to Catch Spinarak in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

You can find Spinarak in Pattern Bush on Six Island. Ride the ferry to Six Island and use Surf from the Water Path to get to Green Path’s Pattern Bush. Spinarak can be found among any of the patches of tall grass in the area.

Getting to Pattern Bush

Spinarak only appears in the area called Pattern Bush on another patch of land in Six Island.

From the island Poké Center, make your way east towards the Water Path coast. You need a Pokémon who knows how to use Surf as you will be crossing a stretch of water to get to another part of the island.

Have your Pokémon surf a few ways up ahead until you reach another small island. You will encounter trainers on the water, so you can choose to engage them in battle or avoid them.

From where you land, go past the first two houses and move to your left until you see the entrance to Pattern Bush.

Catching Spinarak

Walk along the tall grass to find Spinarak. Spinarak has a 30% encounter rate in Pokémon FireRed, and a 5% encounter rate in LeafGreen. Note that he will only appear in the wild once you have upgraded your Pokédex into the National Dex.

Depending on your game version, it might take you a while before you encounter Spinarak. Like other regional Pokémon, they will appear at a lower level than the rest of the wild Pokémon in the area. Spinarak will be around Level 9 to 12 when found.

Spinarak is part Bug and part Poison, so it is weak to a number of Pokémon types such as Fire and Flying. In any case, it won’t prove to be a challenge to catch due to its low level.

Spinarak is originally unique to the Johto region and to Gen II games, so catching it is a great addition to your growing Pokédex.

When caught, Spinarak’s move set is as follows.

Evolving Spinarak

Spinarak’s next form is Ariados, which is now a part Bug and part Psychic Pokémon.

Train your Spinarak to Level 22 to evolve it into Ariados.

Upon evolution, Ariados has the following move set. When raised to level up, Ariados can learn unique moves such as Spider Web at Level 43, and Psychic at Level 63.

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