How to Wake Up Snorlax in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

You can wake up Snorlax by using a Poké Flute. You can get a Poké Flute after rescuing Mr. Fuji from Team Rocket in the Pokémon Tower at Lavender Town. Use the Poké Flute to wake the sleeping Pokémon and engage him in battle. You can then capture Snorlax to unlock the routes he was previously blocking.

The Sleeping Pokémon

There are only two Snorlaxes in the game. Both appear as sleeping Pokémon sprites and are found to be blocking the player’s path. One Snorlax can be found east of Vermillion City, blocking Route 12 that leads to Lavender Town to the north and Fuchsia City to the south.

The other Snorlax can be found on Route 16 the outskirts of Celadon City, preventing access to the Cycling Road that leads to Fuchsia City.

To gain access to the locations Snorlax is blocking, progress the storyline after beating Vermillion City’s Lt. Surge and earning the third gym badge.

Heading to Lavender Town

Since you cannot access Lavender Town via Vermillion City and Route 12, start the quest by returning to Cerulean City.

From the Pokémon Center, head to the outskirts of the city and keep going left until your path is blocked by a small tree. With Cut recently learned, have your Pokémon cut it down and continue.

Follow the path left to find yourself on Route 9 which leads to the Rock Tunnel. You can try to avoid battling some of the trainers along the way, but the others must be beaten in order to pass through.

How to Pass Rock Tunnel

Continue along the path heading left until you reach Route 10. Go down to find the Pokémon Center and the entrance to Rock Tunnel.

Rock Tunnel is the currently available route to get to Lavender Town. The cave will be pitch-black once you enter so have your Pokémon use Flash if they have already learned it.

If you don’t have Flash, you can still navigate through the Rock Tunnel by following the instructions below along with the provided floor area map.

From where you first start, battle the trainer just below you and follow the path to the right until you reach the stairs.

Upon arriving in this new area, head down and fight the Pokémaniac along the way going to your left. Fight the second trainer on your way up the path until you reach the third trainer. Lastly, beat the hiker by the foot of the cliff wall and go up the next stairs available.

Head down the new area into the rightmost path after battling the hiker. You can face or avoid the second hiker here but make sure to go up to find another set of stairs.

Continue to your left and go up, passing and battling three trainers along the way. You are met with another set of stairs. Climb on it to get into a new area.

Keep making your way down past the two picnicker trainers and then head to your left to battle the last one. Finally, follow the path until you see a route marker and the cave exit.

Once you have come out of Rock Tunnel, make your way down until you get into Lavender Town.

One of the people in town talks about the huge building called the Pokémon Tower and the ghosts that haunt it.

But before going inside the Pokémon Tower, you will need a Silph Scope to view the supposed ghost haunting the building.

A Silph Scope is an item that helps you see invisible Pokémon.

You can recover the Silph Scope from Team Rocket by beating the group and their leader hiding out in Celadon City’s Rocket Game Corner.

Inside Pokémon Tower

With a Silph Scope in your possession, you are now ready to climb Pokémon Tower.

Head inside and climb up the steps to get to the second floor. Before you can continue, you will see a familiar face. Beat your rival to proceed.

Make your way through Pokémon Tower by following the map of the floor areas provided below. You may encounter wild Pokémon along the way so you can use Repel to keep them at bay. Some of the channelers are also Pokémon trainers and can be unavoidable in battle.

The second floor is pretty linear, so follow the path ahead to the next set of stairs.

Pokémon Tower’s third floor is also easy enough to navigate. Head down and keep to the path. Beat the channeler in the way and go up the stairs.

From the 3rd floor, go up past the trainer and follow the path by the tombstones until you see the next set of stairs.

Upon arriving at the next floor, go up and head immediately right, following the path. You can find some markings on the floor in the middle of the room. Speak to the channeler next to it and she says you can rest your Pokémon in the purified area. Go into the square to heal up as you need.

Battle the trainer by the stairs to reach the next floor.

In this new area, continue by making your way up after beating the two channelers in the way. Keep to your left, battling one last channeler until you see the stairs in view.

When you are about to reach the stairs, a message prompt will appear, chasing intruders away.

You will find yourself engaged in battle with the ghost of Pokémon Tower. With a Silph Scope, it is revealed to only be the restless spirit of Marowak. Unfortunately, you cannot catch this Marowak, so battle it until it faints to progress the story.

Finally, go up the stairs until you reach the top floor of Pokémon Tower. From here you can see a line of Team Rocket grunts that you have to beat before you can get to Mr. Fuji.

Fight through them with your Pokémon. Their party is mostly Dark-type Pokémon ranging from Level 25 to 30, so go ahead and make quick work of them.

After beating Team Rocket, go ahead and talk to Mr. Fuji. He says he came of his own free will to Pokémon Tower to calm the spirit of Cubone’s mother.

He will invite you to his home to give you the Poke Flute.

poke flute

Using the Poké Flute

With a Poké Flute in your possession, you can now go to either one of the locations where Snorlax is sleeping. Use your Poké Flute to wake him up and engage him in battle.


Snorlax will be at Level 30 when you encounter him. Here are his stats and move sets.

Special Attack65
Special Defense110


It is highly recommended to capture Snorlax for your Pokédex, so weaken him in battle before you start using your Poké balls on him.

Once captured, Snorlax has the following record in your Pokédex.

Aside from having an important role in moving the game story forward, Snorlax is also a rare and strong Pokémon that is worth your while to catch. There are only two Snorlaxes in the Fire Red and Leaf Green games, so make sure you don’t miss your chance to add him to your Pokédex collection.

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