How to Get the Sea Incense in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

You can get the Sea Incense from Five Island’s Lost Cave. The Lost Cave is located within Resort Gorgeous. From the main island, have your Pokémon use Surf on the body of water up north to reach the offshore island where the cave is located.

Getting to Lost Cave

Lost Cave is located on Five Island’s Resort Gorgeous.

From the island Poké Center, go up the shore to the left and have your Pokémon use Surf to ferry you across the water.

From the island Poké Center, go up the shore to the left and have your Pokémon use Surf to ferry you across the water.

Skip the small island in front of you and instead veer right towards Resort Gorgeous itself. You need to land on the bigger offshore island that has a house in it.

From this small island, go up to the shore to your right and have your Pokémon use Surf again. Keep going right and squeeze through the rocks littered in the area. Follow the path until you find the next island. You might need to fight a swimmer trainer along the way.

The island you land on will have a cave entrance. You are now outside Lost Cave.

Navigating Inside

As per its name, it is easy to get lost inside Lost Cave. When inside, the cave is full of entrances that randomly lead to other rooms. You can find yourself entering a room in the direction that you chose, but you end up arriving in the same area you were previously in. Some rooms contain trainers while some have items inside.

The Sea Incense is located in one of the rooms in the cave. To find it, enter the rooms of the cave in this order: Right, Up, Down and Up. From where you have gone down the stairs, take the right entrance.

The next room should be empty. Go up the topmost entrance to proceed.

There’s a small rock in the middle of this room. Take the bottom entrance – the door where you just came out of. You will come out of an entirely new area because of Lost Cave’s logic.

If done right, the next room will have a female trainer inside. Fight her should you want, but to continue, go back where you came from and take the upward entrance.

The Poké Ball will be in the middle of the room. Click on it to get the Sea Incense.

sea incense

Using the Sea Incense

The Sea Incense is intended to be held by a Pokémon, ideally Water-types, as it gives a slight boost to Water-type moves.

When held by a Marill, it can produce an Azurill egg when bred with a Marill of the opposite gender, or with a Ditto. This is the only way to get Azurill.

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