How to get Rock Smash HM 06 in FireRed & LeafGreen

How to Find HM 06 Rock Smash in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

You can find HM 06 Rock Smash by talking to the elderly man in Ember Spa. Ember Spa is located on One Island, and you need a Tri Pass to access it. After beating Blaine in Cinnabar Island’s Gym, accompany Bill on his visit to Celio and you will receive the Tri Pass after. Use this on the port in Vermillion City to visit One Island and Ember Spa to get the hidden move.

Getting to One Island

You can get to One Island immediately after beating Cinnabar Island’s Gym Leader Blaine. After your battle with Blaine, Bill will talk to you outside of the gym to invite you to accompany him to One Island.

You can choose to join him now, or postpone the trip and join him later on.

If you did decide to postpone the trip, you can find Bill in Cinnabar Island’s Pokécenter anytime to start the journey to One Island.

Board the boat along with Bill to arrive at One Island. There is a brief scene to watch between Bill and Celio when you arrive. Celio will then give you a side quest to deliver a Meteorite to Two Island.

With this, he hands you the Tri Pass which grants you access to the first three Sevii Islands. You can use the Tri Pass anytime from Vermillion City harbor to visit One, Two and Three Island.

At Mt. Ember Spa

From One Island’s Pokécenter, head to the beach at the southeast of town and get your Pokémon to use Surf on the shore.

Surf upwards briefly until you reach another beach.

Continue heading north past the tall grass and the trainers along the way.

You can choose to not battle with the trainers, but some will be unavoidable. Make your way through them until you arrive at the cave entrance opening to Ember Spa.

Once inside, follow the path to the right and climb up the steps to reach the old man in the middle, next to the waterfall.

Talk to him as he reveals that he made Ember Spa himself by smashing boulders with Rock Smash. He then parts with the HM and hands it to you.

rock smash

Using Rock Smash out of Battle

Rock Smash is a fighting-type move that deals damage to foes while lowering their defenses at a 50% chance.

Aside from this, you can teach Rock Smash to your Pokémon to enable them to crush the cracked rocks littered throughout the game.

But before being able to use Rock Smash outside of battle, you need to beat Saffron City’s Gym Leader Sabrina.

Note that when you enter Saffron City’s gym, there is a teleporter tile puzzle that you need to solve to get to Sabrina. Use the squares to warp into the different rooms in the gym, until you eventually land in Sabrina’s room.

Sabrina specializes in Psychic-type Pokémon, so use Pokémon types that are strong against it such as Ghost or Bug Pokémon. Her weakest Pokémon will be Mr. Mime at Level 37, while the strongest is Alakazam at Level 43.

After beating Sabrina, she will give you the Marshbadge, which allows your Pokémon to use Rock Smash outside of battle.

Once enabled, use your Pokémon to smash the breakable boulders.

Bring your Pokémon with the HM move whenever you encounter these rocks and see which new routes you can now access and discover!

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