Where to Catch Remoraid in Pokémon LeafGreen

You can find Remoraid along the waters of Sevii Islands. After beating the Elite Four and upgrading to the National Pokédex, you can encounter Remoraid if you fish along any body of water along the islands.

Catching Remoraid

Remoraid is one of the few Johto-native Pokémon appearing in the later stages of the game. It is only available in the LeafGreen version of the game, although Remoraid can be traded into the FireRed version.

Remoraid has a 15% encounter rate when you try to fish for it in the water around the islands, although this encounter increases to 40% when searched in the area along the Green Path, Resort Gorgeous, Memorial Pillar and Trainer Tower. For this guide, we will be searching for Remoraid along the waters of Trainer Tower in Seven Island.

From the island Poké Center, go on up ahead until you reach a shore area where you can surf. This body of water takes you to Trainer Tower.

Equip your Super Rod and start fishing for Remoraid in the area. You might get a lot of prompts about a Pokémon on the hook, as you might encounter other wild Pokémon like Gyarados and Krabby before encountering Remoraid.

When encountered, Remoraid will be around Level 15 to 20.


As a Water-type Pokémon, it is weak against Electric-type attacks. Weaken it as you would to make catching it easier.

Remoraid has a basic move set when initially caught, but has the potential to learn powerful moves such as Ice Beam and Hyper Beam when raised to Levels 44 and 55, respectively.

Remoraid also has an evolved form, called Octillery.

Train your Remoraid until it reaches Level 25 to have it evolve into Octillery.

Octillery cannot be caught in the wild in Gen III games, so the only way to get Octillery is by evolving Remoraid. When leveled up, it learns the same moves as Remoraid albeit at higher levels (Ice Beam at Level 54 and Hyper Beam at Level 70). It also has its unique move called Octazooka, learned upon its evolution from Remoraid.

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