How to Get a Rainbow Pass in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

You can get a Rainbow Pass from Celio in One Island. Finish the main game to start the Sevii Islands Quest of finding the gemstones for Celio’s network trading machine. Hand over the Ruby to Celio and he will give you a Rainbow Pass to find its companion gemstone, a Sapphire, found in Six Island.

Sevii Islands Quest

The Sevii Islands quest starts after finishing the main game. Prerequisite events include beating the Elite Four and joining the Hall of Fame and upgrading your Pokédex to the National Pokédex to accommodate new Pokémon in the region.

Start the quest by talking to Celio in One Island’s Poké Center. He is working on his network machine but is missing a gemstone for it. He asks for your help to find the gem located on One Island.

You can find the Ruby gemstone inside the cave at the foot of Mt. Ember. From One Island, you need to travel north towards the northernmost point of the map.

Continue up ahead and you will find another beach. Keep making your way towards the north, past some trainers and some tall grass until you reach another shore. Have your Pokémon use Surf on this body of water to get to another part of the island.

In this new part of the island, climb up the steps until you see two Team Rocket grunts whispering. Let them finish their conversation and engage them in battle.

Head inside the open cave behind them to find yourself inside the foot of Mt. Ember.

Follow the path along until you find a boulder puzzle. Have your Pokémon use Strength to place the boulders like so.

Once done, you should be able to access the next set of stairs.

In the new area, use Strength again to remove the boulder blocking your way.

Continue along the area and push another boulder obstacle until you find a new set of stairs.

Climb down the area with the unique structures. There’s another set of stairs here so get to it to find the area where the Ruby is held.

Retrieve the Ruby and head back to Celio. You can either navigate your way back out of the cave or use an Escape Rope.

Once back in the island Poké Center, hand the Ruby to Celio.

Celio will be grateful for your help, and he will hook the Ruby immediately to the machine. However, he needs another gemstone that is a companion of the Ruby to be able to start his trading machine.

He asks you to find the gemstone, a Sapphire. With this he updates your map of the Sevii Islands, and hands you his Rainbow Pass!

With Celio’s Rainbow Pass, you now have access to Islands Four to Seven, in addition to Islands One to Three.

Now it’s time to continue exploring the rest of the Sevii Islands! See what other interesting sites and events you can discover in your journey!

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