Where to Get Psyduck in Pokémon FireRed

You can get Psyduck in a lot of locations throughout the game as long as there’s a body of water. For this guide, we will be looking for Psyduck in Route 6 where it’s pretty abundant, and there’s also where you can catch its evolution, Golduck, in the wild.

Catching Psyduck

Psyduck is only available in the FireRed version of the game.

Its version exclusive equivalent in LeafGreen is Slowpoke, which also appears abundantly throughout the overworld if there’s a body of water. Psyduck can be found in all of the locations highlighted in the Pokédex map below.

Route 6 is a good place to look for Psyduck as it’s just one small patch of water on the route between Vermillion City and Saffron City.

Bring a Pokémon who can surf across the body of water to start your search for Psyduck.

You should be able to encounter it in a few tries because of its high encounter rate.


It doesn’t have any special qualities that make it difficult to catch, so just catch it as you would any other regular Pokémon. Weaken it some if you find yourself not catching it in a few tries.

Training Your Psyduck

Psyduck is one of the few Water/Psychic Pokémon you can have in-game. Its level may vary depending on where you’ve caught it, but its general move set should be as follows:

It can learn stronger moves such as Hydro Pump once it reaches Level 50. At Level 33 though, it is ready to evolve into Golduck.

Golduck has slightly better stats in all aspects especially its Special Attack at base. However, it takes longer for Golduck to learn the moves that Psyduck would otherwise learn at a lower level. They have the same move set for example, but Golduck needs to be at Level 58 before it can learn Hydro Pump.

Since Psyduck is pretty abundant anywhere and easy enough to catch, you can have it as your designated Psychic Pokémon at the early stages of the game. There are better Psychic Pokémon as your options as the game continues on though. Still, Psyduck and its evolution are a must if you’re aiming for a 100% completion rate on your Pokédex.

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