Where to Catch Phanpy in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

You can find and catch Phanpy in Sevii Islands’ Canyon Entrance and Sevault Canyon. Phanpy appears in the wild after upgrading your Pokédex. Head to the Seventh Island and walk along the tall grass in the canyon area to find Phanpy.

Catching Phanpy

Phanpy is one of the few Johto Pokémon that can be caught in the wild sometime after progressing the storyline and reaching the later stages of the game.

It can be found in both FireRed and LeafGreen versions in Seven Island’s Sevault Canyon and Canyon Entrance.

To get to the canyon, ride the ferry to Seven Island. You need the Rainbow Pass to gain access to it. From the island Poké Center, head down towards the bridge to your right that leads into a patch of grass. The map indicator states this is the Canyon Entrance.

The Sevault Canyon is still up ahead, although you can already start your search for Phanpy in this area. With its 15% encounter rate, it shouldn’t take a long time to encounter the Pokémon.


Phanpy is a Ground-type Pokémon so it’s weak against Grass and Water-types. You can use a type advantage on it to lower its HP, or inflict it with a status effect to make catching it easier. In any case, Phanpy will be around Level 10 to Level 15 when found.

When caught, Phanpy’s move set will be as follows. It learns the Rock-type move Rollout at Level 33 and its strongest move, Double Edge at Level 49.

At Level 25, Phanpy evolves into Donphan.

Also a Johto-native Pokémon, Donphan has a better move set when raised, as it can learn Earthquake at Level 49. Whether you use them in battle or add them to your Pokédex collection, both Phanpy and Donphan are worthwhile Pokémon to catch and raise.

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