How to Get the Old Rod in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

The Fishing Guru in Vermillion City hands you an Old Rod the first time you talk to him. Head to his house next to Vermillion City’s Poké Center to receive the rod and start your fishing journey.

Fishing Guru’s House

The Fishing Guru lives in Vermillion City, and his house is the one immediately to the left of the town Poké Center.

Head inside and talk to the man. He introduces himself as the Fishing Guru.

He asks you if you like to fish. Answer him Yes and he hands you an Old Rod.

Old Rod

Using the Old Rod

The Old Rod enables you to fish for Pokémon in any body of water.

Use it from the Key Items of your bag or register it with the Select button to be used anytime possible. Use it in front of a body of water until you get a prompt that a Pokémon is on the hook.

Take note however, that the Old Rod will only always catch level 5 Magikarp and nothing else.

There are better rods in the game too, like the Good Rod and Super Rod. Keep exploring in-game or follow our guides to get them!

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