How to Get Bellossom in Pokémon FireRed

You can get Bellossom by evolving it from Gloom. Catch Gloom and use a Sun Stone on it to have it evolve into Bellossom. You can get a Sun Stone in Six Island’s Ruin Valley.

Obtaining Gloom

Gloom can be obtained either by catching one or evolving it from Oddish. Take note however that Oddish and Gloom are exclusive to the Fire Red version of the games.

Oddish can be easily found in a number of places across the map, as highlighted below:

Train your Oddish until it reaches Level 21 for it to evolve into Gloom.

Alternatively, you can also catch Gloom itself as it can be found on the routes between Lavender Town and Fuchsia City.

Finding a Sun Stone

Evolving Gloom to Bellossom requires a Sun Stone. Unlike other stones used for evolution, a Sun Stone cannot be bought. You can find one in-game in Six Island’s Ruin Valley.

Head to Vermillion City and ride the ferry to Six Island. Take note that you need a Rainbow Pass to gain access to Sevii Islands’ Four to Seven.

From the island’s Poké Center, head left and go down the cliff steps to get to the Water Path that leads to Ruin Valley.

Follow the trail of the tall grass until you reach another set of cliff steps. Climb on it and make your way through it. You might need to fight a hiker trainer along the way.

Keep going along the path until you reach another area with tall grass. The route is now marked as Ruin Valley.

From where you are in the grass, keep pushing south until you come across three boulders surrounding an item in a Poké Ball.

Have your Pokémon use Strength on the boulders to move them aside. First start with the accessible boulder on top by moving it to the right.

Have your Pokémon use Strength on the boulders to move them aside. First start with the accessible boulder on top by moving it to the right.

Then push the boulder below you downwards.

Move the last untouched boulder towards the cliff wall and finally push the boulder above you to clear the way to the Poké ball.

Click the Poké ball to retrieve the Sun Stone.

Evolving Gloom to Bellossom

Once you’ve obtained the Sun Stone, you can now use it on Gloom. Make sure you have upgraded your Pokédex into the National Pokédex for the Sun Stone to work.

Use the Sun Stone on Gloom to evolve it into Bellossom.

Bellossom is one of the Johto native Pokémon that can appear in Gen III games after finishing the Islands quest and upgrading your Pokedex. Although as mentioned, Bellossom only appears in the FireRed version.

Bellossom can have the following moves in its repertoire, although it may vary depending on which level your Gloom was upon its evolution.

All in all, Bellossom is a great addition to completing your Pokédex collection. See what other new species of Pokémon you can discover by fiddling around with evolution stones in the game.

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