Where to Catch Murkrow in Pokémon FireRed

You can find and catch Murkrow in Five Island’s Lost Cave. Upgrade your Pokédex into the National Dex and finish Celio’s gemstones quest for Murkrow to appear in the wild.

Getting to Lost Cave

Murkrow can only be found in the game’s later stages after doing the requirements detailed above. Its habitat is in the Lost Cave.

Head to Sevii Island’s Five Island to get to the Lost Cave. Have your Pokémon use Surf on the body of water to the left of the Poké Center. Keep surfing north until you pass through the Water Labyrinth towards Resort Gorgeous.

From the house in Resort Gorgeous, pass through the narrow path surrounded by rocks until you see an island with a cave entrance. This is Lost Cave.

Head inside and go down the stairs. Some of the rooms inside the cave have trainers or items in them. You can try to explore the area, but you may find yourself appearing at the same place repeatedly, as is the norm in Lost Cave.

Catching Murkrow

Keep walking around until you encounter Murkrow. It might take some time as Murkrow only has a 5% encounter rate. The best area to find Murkrow is in the room where you can find the Lax Incense, where its encounter rate increases to 25%.

When found, Murkrow will be around Level 15 to Level 20.


Murkrow is a part-Dark and part-Flying Pokémon. It is weak against Electric-types should you want to use a type advantage. Nevertheless, catching Murkrow should prove easy enough due to its lower level than the wild Pokémon in the area.

When caught, Murkrow has the following move set. It can learn more Dark-type moves such as Faint Attack and Taunt once it reaches Level 35 and 40, respectively.

Murkrow is one of the Johto-native Pokémon which can appear in-game. Take note however, that Murkrow is a FireRed-exclusive Pokémon and does not appear in the LeafGreen version of the games. While Murkrow has an evolved form, it does not evolve in this game.

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