How to Get Mr. Mime on Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

You can get Mr. Mime by trading with an NPC Trainer on Route 2. Head to Route 2 via Diglett’s Cave to find a trainer’s house. Trade him an Abra for a Mr. Mime, as Mr. Mime does not spawn in the wild in FireRed or LeafGreen.

Catching an Abra

Before you head to Route 2, make sure you have an Abra in your possession, as the NPC trainer will only trade their Mr. Mime for an Abra

Abra can be found in Route 24 and Route 25. You can get there from Cerulean City.

From Cerulean City’s Poké Center, go up the Nugget Bridge and turn left, past the long patch of water into the tall grass. Search for Abra here.

Abra is not difficult to catch, although he is prone to fleeing with his Teleport move.

As usual, it is easier to catch a Pokémon once they are weakened or inflicted with a status effect. Do this to Abra until you have caught him with your preferred Poké ball.

Heading to Route 2

You can get to Route 2 in two ways, either from Vermillion City via Diglett’s Cave, or Pewter City if your Pokémon knows Cut

From Vermillion City’s Poké Center, head right until you find Diglett’s Cave.

Just follow the path inside the cave to arrive on the other side as the interior is pretty straightforward. You will end up at Route 2.

Alternatively, you can fly into Pewter City, go down to the area of the Viridian Forest entrance to find a small tree bush you can cut.  Have your Pokémon use Cut on them to find yourself on Route 2 easily.

Trading for Mr. Mime

Get inside the house on Route 2 to find the NPC Trainer. Agree to trade your Abra with his Mr. Mime.

You will then get the trainer’s Mr. Mime at the same level as the Abra you have traded.

Mr. Mime

Mr. Mime’s base stats and move sets will be as follows, but your traded Mr. Mime could have different sets of effort values or EVs.

Mr. Mime cannot be found in the wild, so your only chance of getting one is via trade. Level up your Mr. Mime to see what else he can do!

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