Where to Find the Move Reminder in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

You can find the Move Reminder in his house located on Two Island. From Vermillion City, ride the ferry to Sevii Islands’ Two Island. Talk to the Poké Maniac who claims he can help Pokémon relearn moves in exchange for some mushrooms.

Getting to Two Island

The Move Reminder’s house is located on Two Island. You can get to Two Island any time after doing Bill and Celio’s quest in One Island and getting the Tri-Pass.

From Vermillion City, head to the port and present your Tri-Pass to the sailor. Ride the ferry to Two Island.

From Two Island, head into the first house you see, the one next to the island marker and beside the Joyful Game Corner. Inside you will find the Move Reminder.

Talk to him and he will introduce himself as the Pokémon Move Maniac. He also states he is an avid fan of mushrooms.

move reminder

He can make your Pokémon relearn any past moves from its previous levels in exchange for some mushrooms.

Where to Get Mushrooms

Tiny mushrooms and giant mushrooms are normally held by the Pokémon Paras or Parasect.

To get your hands on the mushrooms the Move Reminder is asking for, catch some Paras until you find some holding the mushrooms. You can find Paras either in one of the lower levels in Mt. Moon, or in an area in Safari Zone.

Keep catching Paras until you find one holding a mushroom. Alternatively, you can also have your Pokémon steal tiny mushrooms from Paras. Teach TM 46 Thief to your Pokémon and they can nab a tiny mushroom in battle. TM 46 can be found in Mt. Moon if you have previously missed it.

Once you have the mushrooms, present them to the Move Reminder and he will offer to tutor your Pokémon to remember their past moves.

Choose which move you want your Pokémon to relearn.

Upon choosing your preferred move, pay up to the Move Reminder with your mushrooms. You need at least 2 Tiny Mushrooms or 1 Big Mushroom to get him to remind a move for you.

The Move Reminder is useful if you are looking to relearn a specific move from your Pokémon’s previous levels. Either the past move has been forgotten and replaced with a new move, or it is a move that your Pokémon was not able to learn at all, the Pokémon Move Maniac can always help in reminding these moves to your Pokémon.

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