How to Beat Silph Co. and get Masterball in Pokemon FireRed LeafGreen

You can get the MasterBall after rescuing the President of Silph Co. from Team Rocket. Beat Giovanni after taking out his grunts in Saffron City’s Silph Co and the President will give you the Master Ball. It has a 100% catch rate for any Pokémon and is a very rare and useful item for catching Legendary Pokémon.

Getting to Saffron City

The Silph Co. building is located in Saffron City but is initially inaccessible unless you progress the story. The city is surrounded by various other towns with guardhouses connecting them, but the guards aren’t letting anyone through as they are thirsty.

Once you have access to Celadon City, go to the Pokémon Mansion a few houses to the left of the city’s Pokécenter.

Talk to the lady inside and she will give you TEA, citing that it’s the best thirst quencher.

Go back to the guardhouse and the guard will notice your tea. He’ll ask to drink it and will share it with the other guards. In turn, you can pass through and enter Saffron City.

When you get into town, you will see it has been taken over by Team Rocket with many grunts roaming about.

Head to Silph Co. where you will see a Team Rocket guard blocking the building entrance when you try to get in.

To be able to enter the building, you must first beat Team Rocket in the Rocket Game Corner back in Celadon City and rescue Mr. Fuji in Lavender Town’s Pokémon Tower.

Once you’ve chased Team Rocket from both Celadon City and Lavender Town, the guard previously blocking your way will have moved aside, and you can now enter Silph Co.

Inside Silph. Co The Silph. Co building is made up of eleven floors in total. Once inside, head past the fountain to the elevators to go on up.

The different floors of Silph. Co are littered with tiles that can transport you to anywhere in the building.

There are also rooms that are initially inaccessible and can only be unlocked with a Card Key.

The first business upon entering the building is finding the Card Key. From the first floor of Silph. Co, use the elevator to go up to the 5th Floor.

Upon arriving at the floor, head downwards past the first transport tile and the scientist trainer, to the second transport tile at the bottom of the floor, next to the Team Rocket grunt.

This transport tile will get you to the 9th floor, but go on back to the tile again as you only need to double back to access the other side of the 5th floor.

From where you were before, continue right past the row of plants to find a Pokéball item containing the Card Key.

With a Card Key in your inventory, go back to where you came from, and double back on the transport tile until you get to the stairs or elevator.

Head to the 3rd floor and go down, beating the Team Rocket grunt along the way. Go into the room to your left and use your Card Key to unlock it.

Step onto the transport tile in the room and it will bring you to the 7th floor.

Upon getting into the 7th floor, you meet with your rival again. Talk to him and he will engage you in battle.

After beating your rival, talk to the Silph employee in the room. He will give you a Lapras as a thank you for rescuing Silph Co.

There are only two tiles in this room, so go into the other remaining tile to continue. You will be transported to the 11th floor, the topmost floor of the building. Team Rocket’s boss, Giovanni, is holding the President of Silph. Co. in this floor.

Beat the final grunt standing guard outside the door and use your Card Key to access the President’s room.

Giovanni will battle you before you can get to the President. His Pokémon are mostly ground types, so Water and Grass Pokémon are effective against them. His party is also made up of Pokémon ranging from Level 35 to Level 41 so make sure you have leveled up enough to face him.

After beating him, talk to the President and he will reward you with the Master Ball in gratitude.


Using the Master Ball

The Master Ball is Silph. Co’s latest invention. It is capable of catching any wild Pokémon encountered.

With a 100% catch rate, it is the best Pokéball out there. Use it for Legendary Pokémon that may be difficult to capture.

Keep in mind that you cannot buy a Master Ball in a Pokémart, and you can only have one Master Ball in-game without employing cheats.

One recommended way of using the Master Ball is against the Legendary Dogs in-game. A player will only encounter one legendary dog in each playthrough. The Pokémon itself and its elemental type will vary depending on your starter Pokémon.

Compared to other Legendary Pokémon who are found in designated locations and are set in one specific place, the legendary dogs roam and jump from route to route. Encountering them requires thorough preparation and luck.

They are also highly elusive and prone to fleeing, making them more difficult to catch. With the move Roar, they switch your Pokémon out of battle, ending the encounter. This marks their location in the Pokédex as Area Unknown, making it impossible to find and encounter them again.

Try the Master Ball on them for a sure and easy catch.

All in all, the Master Ball is one of the rarest and most important items in-game. Since there is no way of having multiple Master Balls without using cheats, be sure to be wise and careful in choosing which Pokémon to use your one and only Master Ball for.

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