How to Get Magby /Magmar in Pokémon LeafGreen

You can get Magby by breeding two Magmar of the opoosite gender. Catch Magmar in Mt. Ember and leave them at Four Island’s Daycare Center to mate and produce a Magby egg. Walk around a certain number of steps to hatch your Magby.

Catching Magmar

Magmar can only be encountered in the wild in the LeafGreen version of the game. If you have FireRed, you need to trade with a friend to get Magmar.

Magmar can only be found in Sevii Island’s Mt. Ember.

Go to One Island and from the Poké Center, head left towards the shore to Kindle Road. Have your Pokémon use Surf on the body of water to get across.

You arrive on another offshore island. Keep heading north, past the tall grass and some trainers until you reach another beach. Use Surf again on the shore to get to the other side where Mt. Ember is located.

Climb up the steps to find yourself at the foot of Mt. Ember. You need to get into the patches of tall grass surrounding the mountain, so have your Pokémon use Strength to move the boulders blocking your way in the area.

Keep walking along the grass until you encounter Magmar. It might take a while to find it as it only has a 5% encounter rate. It will be around Level 38 to 44 when encountered.

Magmar is a Fire-type Pokémon, so feel free to use type advantages against it. Water and Rock-type Pokémon are strong against it. Catch it and make a note of its gender so you can catch another Magmar of the opposite gender for breeding.

Alternatively you can use a Ditto instead of catching another Magmar. Magmar can still produce Magby when bred with a genderless Ditto.

Go to Four Island’s Daycare Center and leave your two Magmar (or a Magmar and a Ditto) with the old woman behind the desk.

You can return to the Daycare after doing some other quests or after some exploring. After a certain number of steps, come back to find the old man happy to announce that your Pokémon pair had produced an egg. He asks if you want to keep it.

You will receive the egg if you have an extra slot in your party. Now it’s a waiting game for your egg to hatch. You also need to walk around and fulfill a number of steps for the egg to hatch. After some time, you will get a prompt that the egg is hatching.


Raising Magby

Magby is the baby Pokémon form of Magmar, and like Magmar, is also exclusive to LeafGreen.

Magby is at Level 5 when hatched and its move set only consists of Ember. Upon reaching Levels 17, 37 and 49, Magby can learn strong, signature Fire moves such as Fire Punch, Flamethrower and Fire Blast, respectively.

Magby also evolves into Magmar at Level 30.

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