How to Get Leftovers in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

You can get Leftovers from the spot where Snorlax was sleeping. Two Snorlax block the way in Route 12 and Route 16, respectively. Wake them up using the Poké Flute and use the Itemfinder to uncover their Leftovers.

Snorlax Locations

You encounter Snorlax for the first time when you follow along with the main storyline. There are only two Snorlax in the game. The first Snorlax can be found on Route 12 which connects Vermillion City to Lavender Town to the north and Fuchsia City to the south.

The second Snorlax blocks the way in Route 16 coming from Celadon City to Cycling Road.

You need a Poké Flute to wake up the sleeping Snorlax. Once you’ve acquired the Poké Flute, use it from the Key Items bag to engage Snorlax in battle.

Catching at least one of the Snorlax is recommended as there are no other ways of encountering Snorlax in the wild besides these two encounters.

When you’re finished with Snorlax, use the Itemfinder on the spot it was sleeping on. You should get a prompt of the Itemfinder shaking wildly as something is buried in the ground.

You automatically recover the Leftovers from Snorlax’ sleeping spot! Do the same to the other spot where you found the second Snorlax. With this, you will end up with a total of two Leftovers!


Using the Leftovers

Leftovers are intended to be held by Pokémon as they restore 1/16th of the holder’s HP after each turn.

You can take the item from Snorlax and give it to whichever Pokémon you want.

The holder will automatically eat the Leftovers in battle to restore a bit of HP each time. It’s a good held item to acquire as it’s useful in a pinch and can save you from using a lot of healing items when your Pokémon’s HP goes down.

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