How to Get a Lava Cookie in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

The Lava Cookie can be bought from the newly-opened shop in Two Island. You need to have rescued Lostelle first before the merchant updates his inventory to include the Lava Cookie.

Two Island Shop

Head to Two Island and talk to the shopkeeper in the open stall. He sells his products imported from other regions.

However, when he first starts the shop, he only has the following items in his inventory.

You need to rescue Lostelle first in Three Island and hand over the Ruby to Celio for him to update his wares.

With his inventory updated, you can now buy Lava Cookies for 200 Poké Dollar a piece.

Lava Cookie

Using the Lava Cookie

The Lava Cookie is an imported healing item from Lavaridge town.

Similar to a Full Heal, it heals all status effects inflicted on your Pokémon, with the addition that it’s a delicious treat!

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