Where to Find All Encounters with Gary in Pokémon FireRed & LeafGreen

You can encounter Gary multiple times throughout the game as you follow along the main story quest. Gary will challenge you and your Pokémon party to battle for every encounter, so follow along with the guide to make sure you prepare for the otherwise unexpected battles!

Pallet Town

Your first encounter with Gary (or whatever name you have chosen for your rival), will be immediately after choosing your starter Pokémon from Prof. Oak. Gary will always choose the opposite Pokémon type to your starter, so if you have chosen Bulbasaur as your starter, Gary will have Charmander. If you have Squirtle, then he will take Bulbasaur. Lastly, getting Charmander for yourself will mean Gary’s starter is Squirtle.

He challenges you to battle to test out your Pokémon.

The starters’ move sets are as follows:

It will be a quick match, as both of your starters are only at Level 5.

Route 22, Part 1

The next time you see Gary is by Viridian City’s Route 22, however, this encounter is entirely optional and can only be accessed before your first gym badge.

From the Pokémon Center, head to your left towards the area with some tall grass and a ledge. Route 22 actually leads to the Pokémon League, but you don’t need to go there just yet. Keep walking along the bricked path and you will encounter Gary.

Gary will of course challenge you to a battle. His line-up has an added Pidgey along with his starter.

Cerulean City

After finishing Pewter City and traversing Mt. Moon, your next destination is Cerulean City

Following the game’s main storyline leads you up the Nugget Bridge to find Bill. Before you can get to the bridge though, Gary will meet you, asking you how many Pokémon you’ve already caught before engaging you in battle.

As per usual, battle Gary as he tests out his new Pokémon. His line-up will be as follows:

After battling him, Gary says he met Bill in his house just up ahead. He also gives the Fame Checker.

S.S. Anne

When you rescue Bill from his conundrum, he hands you the tickets to S.S. Anne in place of him.

Head to Vermillion City to get to the port where the S.S. Anne is docked.

You enter the ship to find a Cut master onboard to teach your Pokémon. When you reach the topmost deck, Gary will be there again, having met the ship captain before you. He boasts of his newly caught Pokémon before egging you to another battle.

Gary’s Pokémon has already evolved then, and may be a formidable opponent if you are unprepared. His line-up will be as follows:

Pokémon Tower

Follow along the storyline to find yourself next in Lavender Town. You can get to Lavender Town by navigating through the pitch-black Rock Tunnel way back in Cerulean City.

Your quest lands you to investigate the hauntings in the Pokémon Tower. Climb up the tower, and you’ll find Gary on the second floor, surprised you’re in Pokémon Tower. He challenges you to battle after clarifying your Pokémon are still alive so he can make them faint.

His line-up would have grown, replacing his Raticate with another elemental Pokémon. Depending on your starter, it can either be Gyarados, Exeggcute or Growlithe. Make sure your party is also sufficiently trained and well-balanced to take him on.

Silph Co.

After chasing out Team Rocket in Celadon City and Lavender Town, you follow the quest to find them camped in Silph Co. in Safrron City.

While liberating the tower of Rocket Grunts, you will encounter Gary in the second to the last floor before Team Rocket’s big boss. Gary does not comment much on the Rocket invasion, but of course he will fight you.

Route 22, Part 2

You come back to Route 22 once more, this time, after besting the eight gym leaders in the region.

But guess who’s waiting for you again once you walk that bricked road to the Pokémon League? That’s right, Gary is here again for a warm-up battle before the Elite Four.

Gary has grown powerful, with strong Pokémon at his party. You can treat this battle as a practice match for your next encounter with him. In the meantime, his line-up depending on your chosen starter is indicated in the tables below:

Pokémon League, Indigo Plateau

After beating Lance, it turns out there’s another trainer who had defeated the Elite Four just before you. It’s time to face the Champion, Gary.


Gary’s party remains the same as your previous battle in Route 22, except some of his Pokémon had evolved as they levelled up from Level 40s to Level 50s. As you did the other Elite Four members, make quick work of him to be declared the next Pokémon League Champion!

Non-Battle Encounters

Besting Gary in the Pokémon League will be your last battle encounter with him unless you do another Elite Four re-run.

You can still find Gary a few more times after you’ve completed the game, like in the following areas:

Four Island – Gary’s been to the island before you, and talks about knowing an acquaintance in the area. He mentions Pokémon eggs too, as the island has a Pokémon daycare.

Six Island – Gary will be at the Pokémon Center after you’ve explored the island. He mentions he is going back to Kanto to work on his Pokédex.

That’s it for all encounters with Gary! We surely have had enough of him throughout the game, don’t you think?

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