How to Revive Fossils in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

You can revive fossils by talking to the scientist in Cinnabar Island’s Pokémon Lab. Head to Cinnabar Island and talk to the scientist and hand him the fossil you recovered way back in Mt. Moon. He will then revive it with his Resurrection Machine and you will get one of the two prehistoric Pokémon available in-game.

Getting a Fossil

You can get one of two available fossils at the early stages of the game.

After beating the first gym leader at Pewter City, progress the story by heading into Mt. Moon which leads to Cerulean City.

The fossils in the game can be found in Mt. Moon. When you enter, you will see that Team Rocket is inside to try to steal the fossils. Navigate through the cave until you get to the exit to find the set of fossils.

When you try to approach it, the Pokémon scientist will say that the two fossils are his. Beat him in battle and he will compromise and have you choose one of the fossils to keep for yourself.

You can choose from either the Dome Fossil or the Helix Fossil. Keep in mind that unless you use cheats, you can only get one fossil for each playthrough. The fossils can be resurrected to get an extinct, prehistoric Pokémon – either Omanyte from the Helix Fossil or Kabuto from the Dome Fossil. Both of them have their own skills and stats, so feel free to choose whichever you want.

Whichever fossil you do not choose, the scientist will retrieve it for himself.


Cinnabar Island’s Pokémon Lab

As you continue to the game, you will gain access to Cinnabar Island, where the Pokémon Lab is located.

You can get to Cinnabar Island by having your Pokémon use surf from either Fuchsia City or Pallet Town.

Once on the island, head into the Lab next to the Poké Center.

Go into the last room to talk to the scientist at the top right corner, next to a machine. He says he works with rare fossils and asks if you have one.

Hand him the fossil you have picked up from Mt. Moon and he will revive it for you with his Resurrection Machine. He will ask you to wait for a while, so walk around until you can go back inside to get your revived Pokémon.

If you hand him the Helix Fossil, you will receive the prehistoric Pokémon Omanyte.

Omanyte has a high physical Defense and Special Attack stat that makes up for its low Speed and HP.

Special Attack90
Special Defense55

 OMANYTE at Lvl. 5
 — —
 — —

Level him up to Lvl. 40 to have him evolve into Omastar.

If you have chosen a Dome Fossil on the other hand, the scientist will say that it is a fossil of an extinct Kabuto.

Kabuto has a high physical Attack stat, along with physical Defense. The rest of his stats and move sets at base and at Level 5 will be as follows:

Special Attack55
Special Defense45

KABUTO at Lvl. 5
 — —

Train your Kabuto and he will evolve into Kabutops.

As mentioned, you can only get one rare fossil to resurrect per playthrough, but you can also choose to trade for the prehistoric Pokémon that you were not able to acquire. Both Omanyte and Kabuto have unique advantages to them, and one is not necessarily better than the other, so whichever choice of fossil you make, you still get a rare Pokémon added to your Pokédex collection.

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