How to Find HM 02 Fly in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

You can find HM 02 Fly by talking to the girl in the hidden house on Route 16. Route 16 can be found west of Celadon City, just before exiting town. Find the girl’s house and she will give you the HM 02 in return for keeping her location secret. You can then use Fly outside of battle after earning the Thunderbadge.

Finding the House

To get HM 02 Fly, start your quest at Celadon City.

From the city’s Pokémon center, head to your west, past the man with the Poliwrath. Continue going left until you pass the Celadon Department store and the fountain.

When you reach Route 16’s marker, you will see a fenced area just before the Cycling Road guardhouse.

Have your Pokémon use Cut on the small tree blocking your way.

Follow the path, going past the couple until you reach the building atop the guardhouse. Enter it to arrive at the other side to see a lone house.

Go inside to find a girl and her Pokémon Fearow. Talk to her and she will remark on how you found her secret retreat. In return for keeping her location secret, she gives you the HM 02 Fly.


Using Fly Outside of Battle

Fly, by its name, is a 2-turn Flying move with 70 power. It can be taught to most Bird Pokémon and even to other Flying-type / Dragon Pokémon like Dragonite or Charizard.

In addition, Fly is an extremely convenient HM to use outside of battle. With Fly, you can use your Pokémon to fast travel to places you have already been to.

But before you can use Fly in the field, you need to have earned the Thunder Badge. Beat Lt. Surge in Vermillion City’s Gym to earn it.

When you enter the gym, you need to solve the electric lock puzzles concealed in the trashcans to get to Lt. Surge.

Lt. Surge specializes in Electric Pokémon, so make sure to use Ground-type Pokémon who can resist his attacks.

He will grant you the ability to use Fly outside of battle upon defeating him.

With Fly enabled, you can now travel to any known town. Take note that you can also fly to routes that you’ve been to, provided that there is a Pokémon Center in that area.

An example of this is Route 4, which has a Pokémon Center before Mt. Moon. You can also Fly to Route 10’s Pokémon Center located next to the Rock Tunnel.

HM 02 Fly is a very useful hidden machine, not just for improving your Pokémon’s move set in battle, but most importantly in the field. Have your Pokémon use fly to freely explore the Kanto map! Go on ahead and return to key places you’ve been to see what else you can discover throughout the different stages of the game!

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