How to Get HM 05 Flash in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

You can get HM 05 Flash by talking to one of Prof. Oak’s aides on Route 2. Head to Route 2 via Diglett’s Tunnel in Vermillion City to find the aide. He will hand you the HM 05 after you have registered at least 10 Pokémon in your Pokédex. Having already earned the Boulderbadge, you can now use Flash outside of battle to navigate dark tunnels.

Heading to Diglett’s Cave

The quest to get HM 05 Flash starts in Vermillion City, after beating Lt. Surge in battle.

After winning the Thunderbadge, head north of town towards the Pokécenter to find one of Prof. Oak’s aides. You can find him standing by the area leading to the town outskirts.

Talk to him and he will say that one of the other aides is waiting for you at Route 2, and to find him if you have the chance.

Leave him where he is, and continue towards the southeast area of town, past the Vermillion Harbor until you find the entrance to Diglett’s Cave.

Diglett’s Cave is a route that connects Vermillion City to Viridian City. Head inside and go down the stairs.

It is recommended to bring Repels when you go through this area, as some Digletts are unavoidable due to their Arena Trap skill. You need to engage them in battle as Arena Trap prevents you from running away.

Make your way through Diglett’s Tunnel as the trail is pretty straightforward. Once you reach another set of stairs, go up on it to find yourself outside. You are now on Route 2, near Viridian City.

Follow the path which heads straight down. Go past the house to encounter the first tree blocking your way. Cut it down to continue.

Keep heading downwards past the ledges until you reach the building that looks like a guardhouse. Head inside to find Prof. Oak’s aide.

Talk to him and he will introduce himself. He also states he can give you a reward if you have registered at least 10 different kinds of Pokémon in your Pokédex.

Answer YES to his question once you have indeed caught at least 10 kinds of Pokémon. He will then give you HM 05 which contains Flash.


Using Flash Outside of Battle

Flash is a normal-type support move that reduces your foe’s accuracy using a bright light. It does not reduce the enemy’s HP.

To be able to use Flash in the field, you need to have beaten Pewter City’s Gym Leader, Brock.

After winning against him in battle, he will award you the Boulderbadge, which also enables Flash outside of battle.

You have most likely already beaten Brock to get to this point of the game, so go ahead and teach Flash to your Pokémon.

You can now use Flash to illuminate pitch-black tunnels and caves, enabling you to navigate through them.

Flash can be used when going through Rock Tunnel, the cave that connects Route 10 to Lavender Town. It is necessary to go through the area to progress the game.

Have your Pokémon use Flash when you enter the cave to increase your area visibility, making it easier to find your way out.

While HM 05 Flash is optional and not too useful in battle depending on your playstyle, it is still good to have this hidden move at your disposal when navigating one of the key locations in-game. Although you can still make it out of Rock Tunnel without Flash, it can be a tedious job. Follow this guide and take the quick detour to Route 2 to acquire HM 05 and make your journey towards Lavender Town easier.

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