How to Get an Exp Share in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

You can get an Exp Share by talking to one of Prof. Oak’s aides in the guardhouse east of Fuchsia City. Catch at least 50 different kinds of Pokémon and talk to the aide on the second floor of the guardhouse to receive the Exp. Share.

Getting to Fuchsia City

The guardhouse where Prof. Oak’s aide can be found is to the east of Fuchsia City, so head there to start.

You can have your Pokémon use Fly if you have been to the city and have the HM move learned by your Pokémon. Otherwise, you can unlock Fuchsia City either from Route 12 or Route 16 by using a Poké Flute on the sleeping Snorlax blocking the way.

From the Pokémon Center in town, jump down the ledge to your right and make your way outside of the city until you reach the guardhouse that connects Fuchsia City to Route 15.

Head inside and go upstairs to find Prof. Oak’s aide. Talk to him and he will introduce himself, saying that Prof. Oak has entrusted an Exp. Share as a reward for a Pokédex milestone.

Upon confirming you have caught at least 50 different kinds of Pokémon, he will give you your reward of an Exp. Share.

exp share

Using the Exp. Share

The Exp. Share is an item you can have your Pokémon hold.

With an Exp. Share equipped, the Pokémon holding it shares the experience points gained in battle by the lead party Pokémon.

Upon winning a battle, your lead Pokémon will get its experience gain, and the holder of the Exp. Share will also get the same amount of experience points.

This helps in quickly leveling up weak Pokémon without exposing them to difficult battles.

The Exp. Share is a very useful hold item to acquire, as it enables players to train lower-level Pokémon without having them lose in battle. Try to catch at least 50 Pokémon for when you get to Fuchsia City to easily get your Exp. Share.

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