How to Get Elekid/Electabuzz in Pokémon FireRed & Leafgreen

You can get Elekid by hatching it from an egg produced by a male and female Electabuzz. Find and catch Electabuzz inside the Power Plant near Cerulean City and have it breed to produce an egg that will eventually hatch into Elekid.

Catching Electabuzz

Electabuzz only appears in the FireRed version of the games. If you have the LeafGreen version, you need to trade with a friend to get Electabuzz and breed it in-game.

Electabuzz can only be found inside the abandoned Power Plant on the outskirts of Cerulean City.

To get to the Power Plant, start by going east from Cerulean City’s Pokémon Center. Keep going to your right until you pass by the trainers on Route 9. You need to get to the route that leads to Rock Tunnel.

Instead of heading down towards the Poké Center beside Rock Tunnel, go up the body of water by the tall grass and have your Pokémon use Surf on it.

Follow along the path of the body of water until you reach another patch of land on the opposite side. Go up ahead a few ways to find the Power Plant.

Inside the Power Plant

The abandoned Power Plant is home to a variety of Electric-type Pokémon. It is also where you can find one of the three legendary bird in-game called Zapdos.

In any case, the area is just one floor, so feel free to explore until you encounter Electabuzz. It might take a while since Electabuzz only has a 5% encounter rate.

Once you have encountered Electabuzz, catch it as you would a regular Pokémon. It is strong against Water-types but weak against Grass, Ground and Rock-type Pokémon so you can use a type advantage to make it easier to catch.

Pay attention to the gender of your newly-caught Electabuzz so you know which opposite gender you need to catch again for it to mate. As another alternative, you can have Electabuzz breed with Ditto as Ditto is genderless.

Hatching Elekid

Whichever pair you will use, head to Four Island and leave your Pokémon in the Daycare Center and continue on with your journey.

After some time, come back to the daycare to find that your Pokémon pair had produced an egg. Make sure to have an empty slot in your party to be able to retrieve the egg.

You need to walk a certain number of steps for the egg to hatch. You can check on the egg from time to time to see where it’s at in the incubation process. Eventually, you will get a text when the egg is about to hatch. Watch the cute little cutscene of your new baby Pokémon.


Congratulations on your Elekid! Elekid will be at Level 5 upon hatching and it will evolve into Electabuzz at Level 30. At Levels 47 and 58, it learns powerful Electric moves such as Thunderbolt and Thunder. Train it up and see how strong it can get!

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