How to Get Earthquake TM26 in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

You can get Earthquake as a TM after defeating Viridian City’s Gym Leader. Follow the game’s storyline to gain access to the previously locked Viridian City Gym and win against Giovanni so he awards you the Earthquake TM.

Gaining Access to Viridian City Gym

Viridian City is the second city you get access to at the beginning of the game, as it’s immediately north of Pallet Town.

Although it has a gym, it’s not the first gym you are supposed to challenge, as it is locked when you first encounter it. This is because its Gym Leader is not around.

The gym will open up in the later stages of the game when its Gym Leader returns. Follow the game’s storyline until you have defeated Team Rocket in Saffron City and have beaten the seven other Gym Leaders. You can now return to Viridian City to hear that their gym leader is back.

It’s revealed that Viridian City’s Gym Leader is none other than Team Rocket’s boss himself, Giovanni. You’ve beaten him once, so it shouldn’t be a problem to beat him again this time as a Gym Leader. Here’s a quick guide on how to do so if you’re still having trouble.

Once defeated, he grants you the Earthbadge as proof of your victory, along with TM 26 which contains Earthquake.


Using TM 26 Earthquake

Earthquake is a powerful, Ground-type move that deals 100 damage with 100% accuracy.

Despite being a Ground move, you can teach it to any compatible Pokémon in your party. You’ll know they can learn the move when the note beside the Pokémon sprite says “Able”.

Take note that since it’s a Technical Machine, it cannot be taught to more than one Pokémon. That said, other wild Pokémon and their evolutions are capable of learning Earthquake as they level up. Some of these Pokémon include Diglett at Level 41, Wooper at Level 36 and Larvitar at Level 50.

Overall, Earthquake is a cool TM and a great addition to your Pokémon’s move set. Considering how easy it is to obtain, don’t forget to make use of it by teaching it to a Pokémon of your choosing.

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