How to Get HM 01 Cut in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

You can get HM 01 Cut by talking to the captain of the luxury ship S.S. Anne docked in Vermillion City. Get your S.S. Anne ticket from Bill and beat Cerulean City’s Gym Leader Misty to unlock Vermillion City. Go into the ship to meet the captain and he will give you Cut after helping him with his seasickness.

Acquiring the S.S. Anne Ticket

You can get HM 01 Cut pretty early in the game as the quest starts in Cerulean City.

On your first visit to town, go up the Nugget Bridge and fight your rival. He will mention meeting Bill on the big house up ahead of the trail.

Beat the five trainers lining the bridge and get your Nugget reward from the Team Rocket grunt at the end.

Continue towards your right and follow the path. You will encounter numerous trainers along the way and some are unavoidable, so be prepared to battle through them.

You will find Bill’s house at the end of the path.

Head inside and you’ll see a sprite of a Clefairy. Talk to it to reveal that the Pokemon you’re talking to is actually Bill himself. He asks for your help in turning him back into a human.

Walk over to the computer to your left and click on it. A small scene will play where Bill turns back into his human form. He will be grateful and give you the S.S. Anne ticket that you can use to enter the ship in Vermillion City.

Unlocking Vermillion City

Before getting access to Vermillion City, there is one more thing to do in town, and that is to beat Cerulean City’s Gym Leader, Misty.

Misty specializes in Water-type Pokémon, so Electric and Grass-type Pokémon are best to use against her. Beat the other trainers in the gym before you can take on Misty. Her Pokémon are at Level 18 and Level 21 respectively.

Once you’ve beaten Misty, she will grant you the ability to use HM 01 Cut outside of battle.

Head out of town through the house on the top right, the one that was broken into. The guard previously blocking the door will now be out of the way so you can enter and head outside.

Once outside, you will need to battle the Team Rocket guy in the way. He will return the TM he stole from the house after you’ve beaten him. From here, keep to your right and follow the path downwards, until you reach the building which leads to the Underground Path to Vermillion City.

Follow the straightforward route underground until you arrive at the outskirts of Vermillion City.

Battle or avoid the trainers here as you wish, and make your way south towards town. Now you’re in Vermillion City!

Inside the S.S. Anne

Head to the port in Vermillion Harbor and present your S.S. Anne ticket to the sailor at the entrance.

Once inside, you can either go straight to the captain’s room, or explore the ship first to gather items and battle trainers. Keep in mind that once you’ve talked to the captain and have obtained Cut, the ship will sail out of the dock, leaving you no other chance to go back in and explore.

To head directly to the captain’s room anyway, walk left upon entering the ship until you climb up a set of stairs.

On the second level of the ship, continue downwards and then go to your right, skipping the set of stairs that leads to the ship’s deck.

Continue right and go up until you catch sight of the last set of stairs. Head towards it until you meet your rival. Beat him in battle and he mentions that the Cut master onboard was a seasick old man.

Go up the stairs directly to the captain’s room where you can find the captain himself in front of a bucket. Talk to him and he says how sick he is. The player will automatically rub his back, and once he feels better, will give you the HM 01 Cut.


Teaching HM 01 Cut to Your Pokémon

Cut is a useful move that you can teach to your Pokémon. It is a normal-type move with 50 power, dealing substantial damage to foes. It is also usable in the field.

After beating Misty in Cerulean City, you can have your Pokémon use Cut anytime outside of battle. Use it to cut smaller, unique-looking trees scattered throughout the game. Test it out on the tree blocking the way to Vermillion City’s gym.

With Cut enabled, go ahead and discover what other places you can access with the tree obstacles out of the way!

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