How to Get Crobat/Zubat/Golbat in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

You can get Crobat by evolving your Golbat with a high friendship stat. Catch a Golbat or evolve your Zubat into a Golbat and raise its happiness and friendship. It will evolve into Crobat on its next level up if you have the upgraded National Pokédex.

Where to find Golbat

Crobat comes from two evolution forms, namely Zubat and Golbat.

Before you can get Crobat, start by catching your Zubat or Golbat. Golbat can be found mostly in caves, specifically Cerulean Cave, Icefall Cave, Seafoam Islands Cave, and in the cave on Victory Road.

Golbat found in these areas are already at a high level, so it is best to prepare before catching it. Catching a high-level Golbat means you will also get a higher-level Crobat upon its evolution.

Where to find Zubat

You can also opt to catch a Zubat first and then evolve it into Golbat.

Zubat also resides in caves and is easier to find in the early stages of the game as it is abundantly found in Mt. Moon or Rock Tunnel.

Once you’ve caught your Zubat, train it until it reaches Level 22 to evolve into Golbat.

Evolving Golbat to Crobat

To have your Golbat evolve into Crobat, you need to raise its friendship points. Friendship stats are invisible, but you can gauge you and your Pokémon’s relationship by talking to Daisy Oak, Prof. Oak’s granddaughter and Gary’s sister. You can find Daisy in Pallet Town.

If your Golbat  is newly caught, Daisy might comment that it is wary of you or that it is only just starting to warm up to you.

If you have spent considerable time with your Pokémon and have raised its happiness, Daisy will remark if they’re happy and if they love you. This means the Pokémon now has high enough friendship points. When you get this prompt, you can try leveling up your Golbat to see if it will turn to Crobat.

Raising friendship points includes having Golbat in your party at all times, utilizing it in battle, and not letting it faint. Using healing items and vitamins on it also increases friendship.

Another good way to raise friendship points is to have Daisy groom your Pokémon for you when she offers to.

Eventually, you will have raised Golbat’s friendship high enough that it will evolve into Crobat. Take note however that Golbat will only evolve if you have upgraded your Pokédex into the National Dex.

Training Crobat

Crobat is one of the strongest part-Poison and part-Flying Pokémon out there.

Crobat’s move set might vary depending on the level at which your Golbat at evolved. At Level 50, Crobat’s move set is as follows. It can learn the powerful Flying move with a high critical hit ratio, Air Cutter, at Level 35. At Level 49, it learns Poison Fang, which deals significant damage and a 50% chance of poisoning the foe.

Aside from being a great addition to your Pokédex collection, Crobat is an extremely useful Pokémon to have in your party. It is also one of the few Pokémon that evolves only through high friendship. Continue to treat your Pokémon well and see which others evolve when kept at a high friendship level!

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