How to Catch Abra in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

You can catch Abra on Routes 24 and 25. From Cerulean City, head north towards the Nugget Bridge and walk along the tall grass to the left to search for Abra. Alternatively, you can also get an Abra as a prize in Celadon City’s Game Corner.

Catching Abra

Abra can only be found in the area highlighted in the map below, namely Routes 24 and 25 on the outskirts of Cerulean City.

From the Poké Center, go up the Nugget Bridge past the trainers and veer left until you see a length of water and some tall grass. This is where you can search for Abra.

Abra has a 10% encounter rate so it might take a while for it to appear.

Catching Abra does not prove to be much of a challenge as it’s not even at a high level upon encounter. The issue is that Abra has the move “Teleport” which enables it to immediately flee from battle.

The key is to have a Pokémon with a high Speed stat to ensure you get the first move in battle. Use a move that inflicts Sleep on Abra to prevent it from using Teleport.


After that, fling your Poké Balls at him until caught. If it wakes, repeat the process until it falls asleep again.

Game Corner Prize Abra

You can also exchange your coins to get an Abra as a prize. Head to Celadon City’s Game Corner and go inside the Prize Exchange building.

Talk to the man behind the middle of the counter to exchange your coins for Abra. Abra costs 180 coins in FireRed and 120 coins in LeafGreen. Note that you need a Coin Case and some coins to be able to redeem your Abra.

Training your Abra

Abra is one of the first few Psychic Pokémon you can get for your roster this early in the game.

That said, Abra’s move set is limited to Teleport when captured and it will not learn any additional moves upon level-up. Teleport is useful though, as it can be used outside of battle to transport you to the last Pokémon Center visited.

Abra still proves to be a good addition to your party if you evolve it into Kadabra at Level 16.

Kadabra is a powerhouse Psychic Pokémon with a great move set that includes Psybeam, Future Sight and Psychic, learned at Levels 21, 30 and 36, respectively. Kadabra can also evolve into Alakazam anytime upon trading.

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