Where To Get Wellspring Crystals In Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

The best way to farm Wellspring Crystals is to go to the Dwarf Woodlands and kill Scrappers in a zone called “The Mine”.

You can also buy them from the Mirage Arena, where they are sold in the Medal Shop for 300 Medals each.

Getting To The Dwarf Woodlands (The Mine)

To get to The Mine, you must go to the Dwarf Woodlands located in the lower-left corner of the World Map.

You can unlock the Dwarf Woodlands right after completing the tutorial in the Land of Departure.

Dwarf Woodlands Destinations (Mine Entrance)

Before entering the Dwarf Woodlands, you will be presented with two destinations to choose from.

Choose the Mine Entrance to proceed.

After picking that option, you will then be transported right to the middle of the Mine Entrance.

Dwarf Woodlands Map Highlights

From there, go west until you see the path leading to The Mine, which should look like this:

Mine Entrance > The Mine

Farming Wellspring Crystals From The Unversed (Scrapper)

There are two Unversed in the game where you can farm Wellspring Crystals from:

Unversed That Drop Wellspring CrystalsPrimary LocationDrop Rates For Wellspring Crystals
Triple WreckerNever Land90% (Shop Level 7-8)
ScrapperDwarf Woodlands30% (Shop Level 1-2)50% (Shop Level 3-8)

While Triple Wreckers may look like the better option on paper because of their higher drop rate, Scrappers are still the best source of farmable Wellspring Crystals.

This is because Scrappers are much easier to kill than Triple Wreckers, not to mention they spawn in groups in low-level areas that you can access right away—even as a beginner.

You can find Scrappers on almost every map, but the best location to farm them is still the Dwarf Woodlands because you can also farm Hungry Crystals there.

How To Beat Scrappers

Scrappers are much like the Flood in that they are fairly weak, although they do have a higher HP stat compared to their lesser versions.

Stat TypesScrapper Stats
Physical Weaknessx1.00 (Neutral)
Fire Weaknessx1.00 (Neutral)
Blizzard Weaknessx1.00 (Neutral)
Thunder Weaknessx1.00 (Neutral)
Dark Weaknessx1.00 (Neutral)

Scrappers also have no weakness or resistance to any elements. You’ll be fine just using your normal attacks or any type of offensive Command Skill to kill them.

Scrapper (Report Page)

Scrapper MovesetAttack TypeDescription
Claw AttackMeleeAttacks the player with its claws once.
Slide SlashMeleeJumps up, then slashes at the player with its claws.
One-two SlashMeleeAttacks the player twice with its claws.

To farm Scrappers quickly and efficiently, all you need to do is spam your normal attacks and watch out for their Slide Slash.

They are barely a threat alone, but you should still watch your back when they spawn in groups, which they usually do.

Buying Wellspring Crystals From The Mirage Arena

Buying from the Mirage Arena is also a viable way of farming not just Wellspring Crystals, but also other types of crystals as well.

The Mirage Arena is located at the top-left corner of the World Map, and you unlock it right after clearing the Main Story Quest in the Dwarf Woodlands.

World Map (Mirage Arena)

Here, you can buy Wellspring Crystals for 300 Medals each in the Medal Shop.

Medal Shop (Wellspring Crystal)

Using Wellspring Crystals

Wellspring Crystals can be used when Melding new Command Skills by combining your old ones.

Wellspring Crystals
Meld Menu (Aero + Quick Blitz + Wellspring Crystal)

Using Wellspring Crystals as a Synthesis material gives your new Command Skill three possible Support Abilities depending on their type:

Possible Wellspring Crystal AbilitiesDescription
Combo PlusIncreases the player’s maximum attack combo while on the ground.
Air Combo PlusIncreases the player’s maximum attack combo while on the air.
Once MoreAllows the player to retain at least 1 HP while they’re performing a combo unless they’re already at 1 HP before the combo began.
Melding Complete (Aerora with Air Combo Plus

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