How To Get Warp In Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

You can get Warp by melding a variety of Command Skills in the Meld Menu, such as Zero Gravira and Zero Gravity. Once unlocked, you can also just buy its copies from the Command Shop.

Warp is a powerful single-target Command Skill that is exclusive to Terra, and it allows him to one-shot most of the weaker Unversed in the game.


  1. Obtaining Warp
  2. Best Abilities For Warp
  3. Using Warp In Combat

Obtaining Warp

To obtain Warp via melding, you’ll need to use any of the following Command Skill combinations and trigger a “Rare Command” prompt:

1st Command Skill Slot2nd Command Skill SlotTarget Command SkillMeld Chance
Zero GraviraZero GraviraWarp20%
Zero GraviraThundaraWarp20%
Zero GraviraZero GravityWarp20%
Zero GravityThunderWarp10%
Zero GravityZero GravityWarp10%
Magnet AeroWarp10%

Meld Menu (Thundara + Zero Gravira + Secret Gem)

Keep in mind that only Terra can use Warp, so neither Aqua nor Ventus can equip or use this Command Skill in combat.

Rare Command Skill Obtained (Warp With Treasure Magnet)

You can purchase the material Command Skills required to meld Warp from any Command Shop in the World Map.

Note that Warp is a rare Command skill, so you may need to purchase multiple copies of the same materials if you want to meld even one!

Command Shop

The cheapest combination you can buy from the Command Shop would be Zero Gravira (600 Munny) and Zero Gravity (150 Munny).

If you’d like to bypass the trial-and-error of melding Warp, however, you can just buy copies of it straight from the Command Shop for 1,500 Munny.

Command Shop (Warp)

You still need to unlock Warp as a purchasable shop item by playing through the story, but buying Warp would be cheaper and more convenient than melding it yourself.

Best Abilities For Warp

Menu (Abilities)

The best ability to get for Warp is Magic Haste which, at its full stack (five stacks), will allow you to spam the skill more often.

You can get Magic Haste by farming and using Fleeting Crystals as the Synthesis material when melding certain Command Skills.

Using Warp In Combat

Warp (Command Description)

Warp allows Terra to one-shot Unversed by warping them out of existence—leaving only their Prize Boxes. You cannot receive EXP from enemies you defeat with this skill.

Max LevelLevel 5
Reload Time15 seconds
Slots Taken1 slot
Command Gauge Refill30%

Warp In Combat

While this skill does have some potential, its main drawback is that you cannot farm EXP from it. 

You also can’t use this skill to one-shot bosses, although it can still come in handy if you want to clear out high-HP mobs without wasting all your other skills on them.

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