How To Get Victory Pose In Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

The only way to get Victory Pose is to buy it from the Medal Shop located in the Mirage Arena. You can’t meld it using any other Command Skills.

This Friendship-type Command Skill allows you to receive more EXP every time you defeat an enemy, which allows you to level up faster.


  1. Obtaining Victory Pose
  2. Best Abilities For Victory Pose
  3. Using Victory Pose In Combat

Obtaining Victory Pose

To get Victory Pose, you’ll need to visit the Mirage Arena, which is located on the upper-left corner of the world map.

World Map (Mirage Arena)

Next, you have to farm some Arena Medals by starting a New Event. It doesn’t matter whether it’s offline or online, as both modes will give you the medals you need.

Mirage Arena (New Event)

Finally, after farming the medals from the Mirage Arena, you can now go to the Medal Shop Moogle and trade items with it:

Medal Shop Moogle (Highlighted)

One copy of Victory Pose costs 100 Medals, and you can buy multiple copies if you have enough medals to cover the cost.

Medal Shop (Victory Pose)

We highly recommend buying at least two copies of Victory Pose, as this Command Skill will come in handy whenever you’re farming EXP to level up your characters.

Best Abilities For Victory Pose

The two abilities that pair up well with Victory Pose the most are EXP Chance  and Second Chance, as these two will allow you to maximize your EXP farming abilities.

EXP Chance increases the amount of EXP you get whenever you reach 25% HP or below, and Second Chance will allow you to survive an attack that would otherwise kill your character.

Menu (Abilities)

You can get EXP Chance by farming and using Abounding Crystals  as your Synthesis item while melding certain Command Skills in the Meld Menu, and Pulsing Crystals  for Second Chance.

EXP Walker (OFF)

Also, we advise that you turn off EXP Walker whenever you’re planning to use Victory Pose, as this ability may interfere with the bonus EXP you get from using the Command Skill.

Using Victory Pose In Combat

Victory Pose

Victory Pose allows all three main characters to strike a unique pose before getting a surge of EXP.

Upon activation, Victory Pose gives you triple the amount of EXP that you get from killing enemies within a short timeframe, allowing your characters to level up faster.

ParametersVictory Pose
Max LevelLevel 1
Reload Time5 seconds
Slots Taken1 slot
Command Gauge RefillNone
Victory Pose
Victory Pose In Combat

This Command Skill is perfect for power-leveling your characters, and goes exceptionally well with powerful AoE attack commands such as Mega Flare  when farming regular mobs.

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