How To Get Transcendence In Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

The only way to get Transcendence is to combine Magnet Spiral and Zero Graviga in the Meld Menu.

Transcendence is a Magic-type Command Skill that allows your character to create a circular field around them that traps all nearby enemies—damaging them heavily before blasting them all away.


  1. Obtaining Transcendence Via Melding
  2. Best Abilities For Transcendence
  3. Using Transcendence In Combat

Obtaining Transcendence Via Melding

You can obtain Transcendence via melding if you combine Magnet Spiral and Zero Graviga.

Meld Menu (Magnet Spiral + Zero Graviga)

All three main characters—Aqua, Ventus, and Terra—can meld Transcendence and use it in combat.

Melding Complete (Transcendence With Defender)

Unfortunately, you cannot buy Transcendence from the Command Shop no matter how many worlds you clear and even after you get a copy of it via melding.

Command Shop

You can, however, buy Magnet Spiral for 2,300 Munny and Zero Graviga for 1,300 Munny from the Command Shop once you’ve gotten at least one copy of them via melding or from other sources.

Best Abilities For Transcendence

Menu (Abilities)

The best ability you can get to improve Transcendence’s performance in battle is Magic Haste, which decreases the Reload Time of all Magic-type Command Skills.

You can get Magic Haste by farming and using Fleeting Crystals as the Synthesis material while melding certain Command Skills.

Using Transcendence In Combat

Transcendence (Command Description)

Transcendence allows Ventus, Aqua, and Terra to create an anti-gravity field that traps all nearby enemies before blowing them away violently.

Max LevelLevel 6
Reload Time20 seconds
Slots Taken2 slots
Command Gauge Refill35%

Transcendence In Combat

Transcendence is one of the most powerful offensive AoE Command Skills in the game. It has a decent Reload Time and refills a lot of your Command Gauge—with a small downside of occupying two slots in your deck.

Not only is Transcendence useful when farming a bunch of mobs at once, but it can also help you against bosses that aren’t immune to gravity-type attacks. Just be careful not to get interrupted while casting it!

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