What Is Terra’s Best Shotlock In Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep?

For general uses, the best Shotlock for Terra is Photon Charge, as it deals tons of single-target damage whilst also giving you the ability to target multiple enemies consecutively.

However, you may also consider using other Shotlocks such as Ragnarok, which you can access early through the Command Board, and the Ultima Cannon, which is great for killing several mobs all at once.


  1. Best Shotlock For Terra (Photon Charge)
  2. Shotlock Alternatives For Terra

Best Shotlock For Terra (Photon Charge)

Photon Charge (Command Description)

Photon Charge allows your character to dash around the battlefield—blitzing through their enemies consecutively in a flash of light as long as you pass each QTE after every dash.

Aside from being one of the most visually appealing Shotlocks in the game, Photon Charge is perfect for Terra as it alleviates the weakness of his dodge.

ParametersPhoton Charge Stats
Max LevelLV. 4
Max Locks15
QTE ButtonRandom
Best Shotlock
Photon Charge In Combat

Unlike Ventus and Aqua, Terra’s dodge doesn’t make him invincible.

You could, however, get Photon Charge(Coming Soon)  for Terra to make him harder to target—even for a short while to evade attacks you otherwise can’t just by dodging.

More importantly, Photon Charge is both fast and reliable. You won’t be left vulnerable against enemy attacks while casting it, unlike when you use other shotlocks.

How to get Photon Charge for Terra

Shotlock Alternatives For Terra

If you don’t have access to Photon Charge or if you’d like to have some variety of Shotlocks to choose from, you may also consider using the following Shotlocks listed below.

Alternative #1: Ragnarok

Ragnarok (Command Description)

The reason why Ragnarok is a very solid choice for all three playable characters is that it is easier to access than some of the other Shotlocks in the game.

You can get Ragnarok very early by playing the first Command Board (Keyblade Board), but not in the Mirage Arena.

ParametersRagnarok Stats
Max LevelLV. 4
Max Locks16
QTE ButtonX
Ragnarok In Combat

While not as powerful as some of its other variants like Bio Barrage  or Pulse Bomb, Ragnarok is a fantastic Shotlock in its own right.

It allows your characters to target multiple enemies and fire a barrage of projectiles that homes in on each enemy, leaving very little chance for them to miss.

The closer you are to timing the QTEs perfectly, the more projectiles you can fire with each volley.

Alternative #2: Ultima Cannon

Ultima Cannon (Command Description)

Ultima Cannon is Terra’s ultimate Shotlock, and you can only unlock it by going to the Mirage Arena andclearing the Keepers of the Arena event while playing as Terra.

This Shotlock command allows you to wipe out several mobs or deal massive damage to a high-level enemy with a cannon that fires a beam that explodes on contact.

ParametersRagnarok Stats
Max LevelLV. 5
Max Locks16
QTE ButtonX
Ultima Cannon In Combat

Despite being locked behind a difficult stage in the Mirage Arena, Ultima Cannon is still a great Shotlock to have around—especially if you don’t have any good AoE Command Skills like Mega Flare  in your deck.

It might not be as versatile as Photon Blade, but it has good AoE range and damage. It is also one of the very few Shotlocks in the game that plays a short animation before you fire it!

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