How To Get Spark Raid In Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

Spark Raid can be obtained by melding a variety of Command Skills together, such as Freeze Raid and Magnega.

You can also purchase it from the Command Shop for 1,300 Munny if you don’t feel like grinding levels for your melding materials.

Spark Raid is Ventus’s exclusive ranged AoE Command Skill that is excellent to use against Unversed that are weak against Thunder-type attacks.

Obtaining Spark Raid

To obtain Spark Raid, you must first go to your Meld Menu and meld any of the following Commands:

1st Command Skill Slot2nd Command Skill SlotTarget Command SkillMeld Chance
Freeze RaidMagnegaSpark Raid100%
Treasure RaidMagnegaSpark Raid100%
Thunder SurgeDodge RollSpark Raid20%
ThundagaDodge RollSpark Raid20%
Dodge RollStun BlockSpark Raid20%

Only Ventus can meld these Command Skills and equip Spark Raid, as it is one of his exclusive Command Skills.

Meld Menu (Freeze Raid + Magnega + Fleeting Crystal)

Feel free to try any combination mentioned in the table above, as most of the Command Skills used in them have the same max level and are equally easy to level up.

We recommend using the Freeze Raid + Magnega combination though, since it’s guaranteed to give you Spark Raid in one go.

Spark Raid
Melding Complete (Spark Raid with Reload Boost)

Alternatively, you can just buy Spark Raid directly from the Command Shop for 1,300 Munny. 

Spark Raid (Command Shop)

But if you want to save your Munny, just buy Stun Block for 600 Munny and Dodge Roll for 200 Munny (800 Munny in total) and level them up before using them as melding material.

Best Abilities For Spark Raid

Menu (Abilities)

The two best abilities that complement Spark Raid the most are the following Stat Abilities:

  • Thunder Boost
  • Attack Haste

Thunder Boost is important if you want more damage out of Spark Raid, but we recommend getting Attack Haste first as it will allow you to spam the skill more often.

You can obtain Attack Haste by using Fleeting Crystals  as your Synthesis material and Thunder Boost by using Shimmering Crystals  when melding.

Using Spark Raid In Combat

Spark Raid allows Ventus to hurl his Keyblade toward an enemy like a boomerang. Upon impact, the Keyblade will then split apart and damage nearby enemies.

Spark Raid (Command Description)

ParametersSpark Raid
Max LevelLevel 5
Reload Time20 seconds
Slots Taken1 slot
Command Gauge Refill20%
Spark Raid In Combat

We recommend using Spark Raid when farming groups of Unversed that are vulnerable to Thunder-type attacks, though it is also effective against any other non-boss Unversed.

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