How To Get Sonic Blade In Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

You can get Sonic Blade by combining several Command Skills in the Meld Menu such as Blitz  and Air Slide . Sonic Blade allows the character to dash toward multiple enemies consecutively, dealing heavy single-target damage with each successful QTE press.


  1. Obtaining Sonic Blade Via Melding
  2. Alternative Sources For Sonic Blade
  3. Best Abilities For Sonic Blade
  4. Using Sonic Blade In Combat

Obtaining Sonic Blade Via Melding

To obtain Sonic Blade via melding, you must use either of the following Command Skill combinations in the Meld Menu:

1st Command Skill Slot2nd Command Skill SlotTarget Command SkillCharacter RestrictionMeld Chance
Fire DashThunder SurgeSonic BladeTerra
BlitzAir SlideSonic BladeTerra
BlitzDark HazeSonic BladeTerra90%
Meld Menu (Blitz + Air Slide + Secret Gem)

All three main characters can meld Sonic Blade using the Command Skill combinations listed above, aside from Blitz  and Dark Haze  which are exclusive to Terra.

Melding Complete (Sonic Blade With Reload Boost)

Also, keep in mind that you can buy the Command Skills required to meld Sonic Blade in the Command Shop.

Command Shop

The cheapest Command Skill combination that we recommend you buy before melding Sonic Blade are Thunder Surge (700 Munny) and Fire Dash (150 Munny).

Alternative Sources For Sonic Blade

Listed below are the other sources where you can get Sonic Blade, aside from melding.

Source #1: Command Shop

Command Shop (Sonic Blade)

You can buy copies of Sonic Blade for 2,000 Munny from the Command Shop as long as you’ve already obtained a copy of it once.

Source #2: Olympus Coliseum Minigame

You can get Sonic Blade as a reward by winning a minigame in the Vestibule area at Olympus Coliseum:

World Map (Olympus Coliseum > Vestibule)

After you arrive in the Vestibule, talk to Hercules to start the minigame:

Hercules (Play Minigame)

To get Sonic Blade in this minigame, you’ll need to beat Hercules by breaking more urns than him within a time limit.

Olympus Coliseum Minigame

Keep in mind, however, that you can only get Sonic Blade as a reward here once. After receiving it the first time, you’ll only get Panacea after winning more games.

Source #3: Command Board (Secret Board & Spaceship Board)

To get Sonic Blade from the Command Board , you must access it from your Menu  and choose the Spaceship Board:

Spaceship Board (Preview)

Once you’re in the Spaceship Board, try to land in the Bonus Panel shown in the image below to receive Sonic Blade:

Bonus Panel With Sonic Blade (Highlighted)

You can also steal Sonic Blade from Gantu in the Spaceship Board by purchasing it once they’ve attached it to a panel.

Next, you can get Sonic Blade from the Secret Board by accessing it from the Menu:

Secret Board (Preview)

Next, all you have to do is land on the panel highlighted in the image below to get Sonic Blade:

Bonus Panel With Sonic Blade (Preview)

In the Secret Board, you can only get Sonic Blade once. You won’t be able to get it again, even if you land in the same panel in subsequent games.

Alternatively, you can also steal Sonic Blade from Terra in the Secret Board while playing as Ventus or Aqua by purchasing it once Terra has attached it to a panel.

Source #4: D-Link Battle Commands (Terra & Goofy)

Goofy has one copy of Sonic Blade in his D-Link ‘s Battle Commands. You can unlock it by increasing his D-Link Level  to Lv. 2:

Goofy’s D-Link (Sonic Blade Highlighted)

The same goes for Terra, where it unlocks two copies of Sonic Blade—both at D-Link Lv. 2:

Terra’s D-Link (Sonic Blade Highlighted)

Best Abilities For Sonic Blade

Menu (Abilities)

The best ability you can get for Sonic Blade is Attack Haste , which lowers the Reload Time for all Attack-type commands you have on your Deck.

You can get Attack Haste by farming and using Fleeting Crystals  as your Synthesis material while melding certain Command Skills.

Using Sonic Blade In Combat

Sonic Blade (Command Description)

Sonic Blade allows your character to dash towards multiple enemies and strike. You can hit your targets up to seven times using this Command Skill, as long as you pass QTE checks by pressing at the right moments.

ParametersSonic Blade
Max LevelLevel 5
Reload Time15 seconds
Slots Taken1 slot
Command Gauge Refill20%
Sonic Blade In Combat

Sonic Blade’s attack style resembles that of a Shotlock-type command called Photon Charge , which is arguably one of the best Shotlocks in the game.

Sonic Blade can be considered a somewhat less powerful, but more accessible version of Photon Charge. It has a low cooldown and is perfect for taking out multiple enemies in style.

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