How To Get Seeker Mine In Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

To get Seeker Mine, you’ll have to combine certain Command Skills such as Mine Square and Mine Shield in the Meld Menu. However, you can also purchase a copy of it from the Command Shop once you have it unlocked.

Seeker Mine is one of Aqua’s Magic-type Command Skills. It allows her to place numerous traps on the battlefield that explode when they come into contact with enemies.


  1. Obtaining Seeker Mine
  2. Best Abilities For Seeker Mine
  3. Using Seeker Mine In Combat

Obtaining Seeker Mine

To obtain Seeker Mine via melding, you have to use any of the following Command Skill combinations:

1st Command Skill Slot2nd Command Skill SlotTarget Command SkillMeld Chance
Mine SquareMagnegaSeeker Mine100%
Mine ShieldMagnegaSeeker Mine100%
Mine ShieldMine SquareSeeker Mine100%
Meld Menu (Mine Shield + Mine Square + Secret Gem)

Remember that only Aqua can equip and use this Command Skill in combat. Ventus and Terra will not have any access to Seeker Mine while you’re playing as them.

Seeker Mine
Melding Complete (Seeker Mine)

If you lack the materials required to meld Seeker Mine, feel free to just buy them from the Command Shop.

For example, you can buy both Mine Square and Mine Shield for 1,000 Munny from the Command Shop, which would be the cheapest combination to buy out of all three.

Command Shop

You can also, however, buy Seeker Mine straight from the Command Shop once you have it unlocked for 2,300 Munny.

Command Shop (Seeker Mine)

This will cost you a bit more compared to if you were to just buy Mine Square and Mine Shield and meld Seeker Mine yourself, but this way, you won’t have to level up any materials!

Best Abilities For Seeker Mine

Menu (Abilities)

The best way to improve Seeker Mine’s utility in combat is to get Magic Haste, which will reduce its Reload Time by a lot at full stack—allowing you to use the skill more often.

You can get Magic Haste  by farming and using Fleeting Crystals  as your Synthesis material while melding certain Command Skills.

Using Seeker Mine In Combat

Command Description (Seeker Mine)

Seeker Mine allows Aqua to set explosive traps around her, which then detonate whenever an enemy comes into contact with them.

ParametersSeeker Mine
Max LevelLevel 4
Reload Time20 seconds
Slots Taken1 slot
Command Gauge Refill15%

Seeker Mine In Combat

Seeker Mine is a solid Command Skill to use when farming, as it packs a decent amount of damage and can easily obliterate most low-level Unversed unfortunate enough to step on them.

It is, however, a bit more useful when you’re fighting bosses that move around a lot—limiting their mobility and chipping away at their health every time they make a wrong move.

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