How To Get Quake In Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

If you want to get Quake, you’ll need to meld certain Command Skills in the Meld Menu, such as Brutal Blast and Magnega. Alternatively, you can also buy Quake from the Command Shop.

Quake is Terra’s exclusive Command Skill, and it allows him to perform a devastating, wide-area attack that may also stun enemies.


  1. Obtaining Quake
  2. Best Abilities For Quake
  3. Using Quake In Combat

Obtaining Quake

To obtain Quake via melding, you can use any of the following Command Skill combinations in the Meld Menu:

1st Command Skill Slot2nd Command Skill SlotTarget Command SkillMeld Chance
Brutal BlastMagnegaQuake90%
Brutal BlastZero GravigaQuake90%
Binding StrikeMine SquareQuake30%
Stun EdgeMine ShieldQuake30%
Brutal BlastBrutal BlastQuake30%
Meld Menu (Brutal Blast + Magnega + Secret Gem)

Remember that only Terra can meld the Command Skills listed above and that neither Aqua nor Ventus can use Quake while you’re playing as them.

Melding Complete (Attack Haste)

You can buy the material Command Skills required to meld Quake from the Command Shop.

Command Shop

For example, you can purchase Brutal Blast for 1,500 Munny and Magnega for 1,250 Munny, which is the cheapest Command Skill combination to buy out of all of them.

Although, you can just purchase Quake directly from the Command Shop once you’ve unlocked it for 2,500 Munny. 

Command Shop (Quake)

Buying Quake is a bit cheaper than if you were to buy the materials and meld it yourself, so feel free to do it if you already have it unlocked.

Best Abilities For Quake

Menu (Abilities)

The ability that boosts Quake’s performance in combat the most is Magic Haste, as it shortens the Reload Time for all Magic-type Command Skills.

You can get Magic Haste by farming and using Fleeting Crystals as your Synthesis material when melding certain Command Skills.

Using Quake In Combat

Quake (Command Description)

Quake allows Terra to shake the earth and cause several massive boulders to erupt—damaging and stunning multiple enemies.

Max LevelLevel 5
Reload Time20 seconds
Slots Taken2 slots
Command Gauge Refill30%
Quake In Combat

It can be argued that Quake is the better version of Geo Impact, as it covers more ground and allows you to farm a ridiculous number of mobs in one cast.

Its use outside of farming is limited, however, as some bosses are resistant to being stunned.

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