How To Get Payback Fang In Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

To get Payback Fang, you must combine Sliding Dash and Counter Hammer in the Meld Menu. You can also buy Payback Fang from the Command Shop.

Payback Fang is Terra’s exclusive counter-skill. It allows him to shrug off enemy aerial attacks after being knocked into the air and counter with a single, powerful strike.


  1. Obtaining Payback Fang
  2. Best Abilities For Payback Fang
  3. Using Payback Fang In Combat

Obtaining Payback Fang

If you want to obtain Payback Fang via melding, you’ll need to combine the following Command Skills:

1st Command Skill Slot2nd Command Skill SlotTarget Command SkillMeld Chance
Sliding DashCounter HammerPayback Fang100%
Meld Menu (Counter Hammer + Sliding Dash + Chaos Crystal)

Note that only Terra can meld and equip Payback Fang. You cannot use this Command Skill if you’re playing as Aqua or Ventus.

Payback Fang
Melding Complete (Payback Fang With Magic Haste)

You can purchase all the materials required to meld Payback Fang from the Command Shop.

Command Shop

Sliding Dash (100 Munny) and Counter Hammer (1,200 Munny) cost 1,300 Munny in total to buy.

However, you can also purchase a copy of Payback Fang directly from the Command shop for 1,400 Munny.

Command Shop (Payback Fang)

We recommend buying Payback Fang once you unlock it, because this way, you won’t have to spend time leveling up the material Command Skills.

Best Abilities For Payback Fang

Menu (Abilities)

The ability that will boost Payback Fang’s effectiveness in combat the most is Air Combo Plus, as it’ll allow you to follow up your Payback Fang with a string of longer aerial combos.

You can get Air Combo Plus by farming and using Wellspring Crystals  as your Synthesis material after melding certain Command Skills.

Using Payback Fang In Combat

Payback Fang (Command Description)

Payback Fang allows Terra to regain his balance after being knocked into the air and counterattack with a single, powerful slash.

ParametersPayback Fang
Max LevelLevel 4
Reload TimeNone
Slots Taken1 slot
Command Gauge Refill30%
Payback Fang In Combat

Payback Fang is one of the few counter-type skills in the game—similar to Aqua’s Payback Surge  and Ventus’s Payback Raid  exclusive Command Skills.

And just like all of the skills listed above, Payback Fang is a must-have in Terra’s Command Deck, as it will prevent you from taking excessive damage from aerial attacks.

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