How To Get Meteor In Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

You can get Meteor by combining certain Command Skills such as Geo Impact  and Quake  in the Meld Menu.

Meteor is one of Terra’s exclusive Command Skills. It allows him to deal damage in a wide, circular zone by summoning a giant meteor and letting it crash onto his enemies.


  1. Obtaining Meteor
  2. Best Abilities For Meteor
  3. Using Meteor In Combat

Obtaining Meteor

Meteor can be obtained in the Meld Menu by combining any of the following Command Skills:

1st Command Skill Slot2nd Command Skill SlotTarget Command SkillMeld Chance
Geo ImpactQuakeMeteor100%
Brutal BlastMagnegaMeteor10%
Brutal BlastZero GravigaMeteor10%
Meld Menu (Quake + Geo Impact + Secret Gem)

Only Terra can meld and equip Meteor for combat. You will not have access to this Command Skill if you’re playing as either Ventus or Aqua.

Melding Complete (Meteor With Finish Boost)

You can buy all of the material Command Skills required to meld Meteor from the Command Shop.

Command Shop

The cheapest Command Skill combination to buy would be Brutal Blast (1,800 Munny) and Magnega (1,250 Munny), so try buying them over the others if you have them unlocked.

This combination has a very low rate of producing Meteor though, so feel free to buy Geo Impact (2,100 Munny) and Quake (2,500 Munny) instead if you have the Munny to spare for them.

Best Abilities For Meteor

Menu (Abilities)

The best ability you can get to improve Meteor’s performance in combat is Magic Haste , as it’ll shorten the Command Skill’s long, 25-second base cooldown.

To get Magic Haste, you need to farm and use Fleeting Crystals  as your Synthesis material when combining certain Command Skills in the Meld Menu.

Using Meteor In Combat

Meteor (Command Description)

Upon casting Meteor, Terra calls upon a giant meteor (hence the name) and sends it crashing toward his enemies for tons of AoE damage.

Max LevelLevel 6
Reload Time25 seconds
Slots Taken2 slots
Command Gauge Refill40%
Meteor In Combat

Aside from being one of the most visually appealing Command Skills in the game, it is also among the most effective when it comes to farming large mobs of Unversed.

Meteor can also be effective against certain bosses because of its high damage potential and quick casting time, although using it too often may leave you vulnerable to some of the more evasive bosses in the game.

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