Where To Get Fleeting Crystals In Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

The best way to get Fleeting Crystals is to farm them by killing Chrono Twisters in the Radiant Garden’s Fountain Court zone.

You can also buy Fleeting Crystals from the Mirage Arena for 350 Medals each.

Getting To The Radiant Garden (Fountain Court)

Fleeting Crystals are dropped by several monsters in the game, but the monster that has the highest drop rate for it is the Chrono Twister.

Radiant Garden (World Map)

Chrono Twisters can be found in the Fountain Court zone in the Radiant Garden, which is located on the upper-left side of the World Map.

To unlock the Radiant Garden and the path to the Fountain Court, you must first complete the following tasks:

  • Clear the ??? World by teaming up with Mickey Mouse to beat Vanitas–one of the main bosses in the game.
  • Play through the main story until you meet Scrooge McDuck, who will then give you an item called “Disney Town Pass”.
Path (Castle Town > Fountain Court)

With that, you can now access Fountain Court–the zone in the Radiant Garden map where you can find and kill Chrono Twisters for Fleeting Crystals.

Farming Abounding Crystals From Chrono Twisters

After clearing Scrooge McDuck’s encounter, you’ll find yourself back in Central Square.

From there, all you have to do is go east to Castle Town, then north to get to the Fountain Court, which is your target location.

Central Square > Castle Town > Fountain Court

You will encounter Chrono Twisters once you climb up to the higher parts of the Fountain Court.

Chrono Twister (Highlighted)

To get higher in the Fountain Court, make sure to use the small fountains on the ground by jumping onto the jet of water they release.

Small Fountain (Highlighted)

Doing this will make you jump higher, making it easier to get to where the Chrono Twisters are.

How To Beat Chrono Twisters

Chrono Twisters usually spawn with other Unversed like Blue Sea Salts, but they’re fairly easy to kill by themselves because they have no elemental resistances.

Stat TypesChrono Twister Stats
Physical Weaknessx1.00 (Neutral)
Fire Weaknessx1.00 (Neutral)
Blizzard Weaknessx1.00 (Neutral)
Thunder Weaknessx1.00 (Neutral)
Dark Weaknessx1.00 (Neutral)
Chrono Twisters
Chrono Twister (Report Page)
Chrono Twister MovesetAttack TypeDescription
SmackMeleeHurls its entire body towards the player.
StopgaRangedOnce all of the sand has fallen from one side of the Chrono Twister to another, it casts Stopga at the player–freezing them in place until they pass a quick time event with the analog stick.
Time BombRangedSurrounds the player with multiple orbs before firing them consecutively.

The best way to kill Chrono Twisters is to approach them as fast as you can and do some melee combos with normal attacks or Command Skills.

Don’t let them cast Stopga no matter what, as this will make you vulnerable to attacks from all enemies.

Buying Fleeting Crystals From The Mirage Arena

You can also buy Fleeting Crystals in the Mirage Arena, which is located in the northern part of the World Map.

Mirage Arena (World Map)

Inside the Mirage Arena, you’ll be able to access the Medal Shop and purchase Fleeting Crystals for 350 Medals each.

Medal Shop (Fleeting Crystal)

Buy only what you need, as there are a lot of other items you can purchase in this shop with your Medals.

Using Fleeting Crystals

Fleeting Crystals are used as Synthesis materials when Melding two existing Command Skills into a new one.

Fleeting Crystals
Meld Menu (Stun Edge + Thunder + Fleeting Crystal)

Using a Fleeting Crystal as the Synthesis material gives the new Command Skill you Meld the following abilities depending on their type:

  • Attack Haste
  • Magic Haste
  • Reload Boost
Melding Complete (Thundara with Attack Haste)

Every ability you get from the Fleeting Crystal shortens the cooldown of your skills–allowing you to spam them more often during combat.

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