How To Get Fire Surge In Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

You can get Fire Surge by melding  certain Command Skills such as Fire Strike and Fira in the Meld Menu. Fire Surge allows your character to dash forward with a ring of flames around them—damaging all enemies in their path.


Obtaining Fire Surge Via Melding

You can get Fire Surge by using the following Command Skill combinations in the Meld Menu:

1st Command Skill Slot2nd Command Skill SlotTarget Command SkillMeld Chance
FiraBinding StrikeFire Surge95%
FiraFire StrikeFire Surge100%
FiraConfusion StrikeFire Surge100%
IgniteFire DashFire Surge100%
Meld Menu (Fire Strike + Fira + Secret Gem)

All three main characters can meld Fire Surge using the Command Skill combinations listed above.

Melding Complete (Fire Surge With HP Prize Plus)

You can easily get the materials required to meld Fire Surge from the Command Shop.

Command Shop

The cheapest Command Skill combination to buy would be Ignite (600 Munny) and Fire Dash (150 Munny), which gives you a 95% chance of melding Fire Surge.

If you want a guaranteed 100% chance of melding Fire Surge, however, you might want to buy Fira (500 Munny) and Binding Strike (400 Munny) instead.

Alternative Sources For Fire Surge

Aside from melding, here are the five sources you can get Fire Surge from.

Source #1: Command Shop

Command Shop (Fire Surge)

You can buy Fire Surge for 650 Munny straight from the Command Shop as long as you’ve already obtained a copy of it once or completed the story of at least six worlds.

Source #2: Thornbite (Unversed)

Unversed Report (Thornbite)

You can get Fire Surge as a droppable item from an Unversed called Thornbite  at a 0.6% drop rate.

The best place to farm Thornbites is in the Castle of Dreams, where they spawn the most out of all worlds in the World Map.

Source #3: Command Board (Hunny Pot Board)

In the Command Board , you can get Fire Surge as a reward by unlocking and playing the Hunny Pot Board.

Hunny Pot Board (Preview)

Once there, all you need to do is try to land on the Bonus Panel shown below to receive a copy of Fire Surge:

Bonus Panel With Fire Surge (Highlighted)

You can also steal Fire Surge from Pooh in the Hunny Pot Board by purchasing it once Pooh has attached it to a panel.

Source #4: Deep Space Chests (Aqua & Ventus Only)

You can get Fire Surge for Aqua and Ventus by going to Deep Space and opening certain chests there.

For Ventus, all you need to do is go to the Control Room area of the Deep Space first:

World Map (Deep Space > Control Room)

From the Control Room, take the path to the lower-right side of the minimap which will lead you to the Ship Hub, then take another right to get to the Launch Deck:

Map Highlights (Control Room > Launch Deck)

Next, go to the upper-right side of the minimap on the ground floor of the Launch Deck and you’ll see a chest there. This is the chest that will give Ventus a copy of Fire Surge.

Chest (Gives Fire Surge When Opened)

For Aqua, you also need to go to the Control Room first while picking your Destination in the World Map:

World Map (Deep Space > Control Room)

Then, you have to go to the lower-right side of the minimap into the Ship Hub, where the chest is located:

Map Highlights (Control Room > Ship Deck)

Once you get there, run over to the lower-right side of the minimap to see the see and open chest that will give Aqua Fire Surge:

Chest (Gives Fire Surge When Opened)

Source #5: D-Link Battle Commands (Donald)

Donald’s D-Link (Fire Surge Highlighted)

Donald’s D-Link unlocks Fire Surge if you increase his D-Link Level to Lv. 1 and onwards.

Best Abilities For Fire Surge

Menu (Abilities)

The best abilities you can get for Fire Surge are Fire Boost (increases the damage of all Fire-type Skills) and Attack Haste  (decreases the Reload Time of all Attack-type Command Skills).

You can get Fire Boost by farming and using Shimmering Crystals  as a Synthesis material while melding, and Fleeting Crystals  for Attack Haste.

Using Fire Surge In Combat

Fire Surge (Command Description)

Fire Surge covers your body in a ring of flames as your character dashes forward—damaging enemies in a straight line.

ParametersFire Surge
Max LevelLevel 3
Reload Time15 seconds
Slots Taken1 slot
Command Gauge Refill10%
Fire Surge In Combat

While Fire Surge isn’t as good as its Thunder-type counterpart—Thunder Surge , Fire Surge is still a useful offensive Command Skill to have around.

It activates fast and has a short cooldown, which makes it an excellent command skill for either clearing out small groups of Unversed or chipping away at a boss enemy’s health.

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