How To Get Faith In Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

To get Faith, you’ll need to combine the Command Skills Break Time  and Wind Raid  in the Meld Menu.

Faith is an AoE skill that damages enemies within a large area around the player, making it a fantastic skill to use when facing multiple Unversed.


  1. Obtaining Faith
  2. Best Abilities For Faith
  3. Using Faith In Combat

Obtaining Faith

To obtain Faith via melding, you only need to combine two Command Skills, which are:

1st Command Skill Slot2nd Command Skill SlotTarget Command SkillMeld Chance
Break TimeWind RaidFaith100%
Meld Menu (Break Time + Wind Raid + Soothing Crystal)

Only Ventus can meld, equip, and use this skill for combat. Faith will never show up as a viable target Command Skill when melding as Aqua or Terra.

Melding Complete (Faith with Defender)

Getting Break Time  is a bit more complicated, but you can still buy the base Command Skills required to meld it in the Command Shop, such as Curaga (1,300 Munny) and Block (200 Munny).

Command Shop (Wind Raid)

Wind Raid, on the other hand, can be easily acquired if you purchase them directly from the Command Shop for 1,500 Munny.

Best Abilities For Faith

The best Ability that goes well with Faith is Magic Haste because it reduces Faith’s long Reload Time.

Menu (Abilities)

To get Magic Haste, you’ll need to farm Fleeting Crystals  and use them as the Synthesis Material when melding new Command Skills.

Using Faith In Combat

Faith is one of the best offensive Command Skills in the game. It allows Ventus to both deal tons of AoE damage in a large area around himself and self-heal up to full HP in one go.

Faith (Command Description)

Max LevelLevel 6
Reload Time20 seconds
Slots Taken2 slots
Command Gauge Refill8%

It is very similar to another one of Ventus’s exclusive Command Skills called Salvation , although Faith is much superior when it comes to casting speed and utility.

Faith In Combat

You can use Faith to either annihilate mobs regardless of their level or to take large chunks out of a boss’s HP.

It’s a versatile skill that is a must-have if you’re playing as Ventus.

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