How To Get EXP Chance In Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

To get copies of EXP Chance, you must farm Abounding Crystals and use them as the Synthesis material when melding certain Command Skills.

EXP Chance is the best ability you can get if you want to level up your characters fast , as it gives you more EXP from defeated enemies once your character reaches 25% HP or below.


  1. Getting EXP Chance Via Melding
  2. Effects Of EXP Chance

Getting EXP Chance Via Melding

EXP Chance can be obtained in the Meld Menu by combining a variety of Command Skills with Abounding Crystals.

Meld Menu (Stun Edge + Binding Strike + Abounding Crystal)

Aside from EXP Chance, you can also get other abilities by using Abounding Crystals when melding:

Possible Abounding Crystal AbilitiesDescription
EXP ChanceIncreases the amount of EXP you earn from defeated enemies by 2x once your HP reaches 25% or below.
EXP WalkerGives your characters 1 EXP per step taken.
Link Prize PlusIncreases the amount of D-Link Prizes that defeated enemies drop.
Lucky StrikeIncreases the amount of Prize Boxes that defeated enemies drop.
Melding Complete (Wishing Edge With EXP Chance)

To guarantee that EXP Chance will appear after melding, here are some Command Skill combinations that you need to meld with Abounding Crystals in the Meld Menu:

Target Command Skill (with EXP Chance)Slot 1 (1st Command Skill)Slot 2 (2nd Command Skill)Character Restriction
Chaos BladeSonic BladeDark HazeTerra
ZantetsukenStopgaDark HazeTerra
Spark RaidFreeze RaidMagnegaVentus
Wind RaidFreeze RaidAerogaVentus
Ars SolumStopgaDark HazeTerra
Ars SolumSonic BladeDark HazeTerra
Wishing EdgeBinding StrikeStun EdgeAqua
Magnet SpiralBinding StrikeMagnegaVentusTerraAqua
SacrificeWarpDark HazeTerra
Dark FiragaFiragaBlackoutTerra
Fission FiragaFiragaAerogaVentusTerraAqua
Triple FiragaFiragaFiragaAqua
Crawling FireStopgaFiragaVentusTerraAqua
Seeker MineMine SquareMine ShieldAqua
Firaga BurstAerogaFiragaAqua
Firaga BurstStopraFiragaAqua
Raging StormFission FiragaFiraga BurstAqua
Raging StormFireFiraAqua
Raging StormFiragaFiragaAqua
Mega FlareFission FiragaCrawling FireVentusTerraAqua
QuakeZero GravigaBrutal BlastTerra
MeteorQuakeGeo ImpactTerra
MeteorBrutal BlastZero GravigaTerra
TranscendenceZero GravigaMagnet SpiralVentusTerraAqua
FirewheelCartwheelFission FiragaAqua
Fire GlideFiragaGlideVentus

You can purchase most of the Command Skills listed above in the Command Shop.

Command Shop (Fira)

We recommend purchasing two copies of Fira for 500 Munny each in the Command Shop, which will give you a copy of Firaga with EXP Chance when melded with an Abounding Crystal.

Firaga is a strong Fire-type Command Skill that you can eventually use as a material to meld the two Command Skills you need to create Mega Flare  (Fission Firaga & Crawling Fire).

Mega Flare is the best AoE Command Skill to use when farming large groups of enemies. It pairs up extremely well with EXP Chance when power-leveling your characters.

Effects Of EXP Chance

EXP Chance doubles the EXP given to you by the enemies you defeat as long as you’re at 25% HP or below.

Abilities (EXP Chance)

Although you can only stack up to one copy of EXP Chance at most, it’s enough to boost your EXP gain significantly—hence, it’s by far the best ability you can get in the game if you want to level up your characters quickly.

Ventus (Character Level Up LV. 49 > LV. 50)

To alleviate the risk of using EXP Chance, you should also consider getting abilities that boost your survivability at low HP, such as Second Chance , Once More, and Defender.

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