How To Get Deep Freeze In Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

You can get Deep Freeze by combining either Triple Blizzaga, Freeze Raid , or Binding Strike with Blizzaga  in the Meld Menu.

Curaga is a Magic-type Command Skill that allows your character to create a circular field of ice around them—potentially freezing all nearby enemies and making them vulnerable against any follow-up attacks.


  1. Obtaining Deep Freeze Via Melding
  2. Alternative Sources For Deep Freeze
  3. Best Abilities For Deep Freeze
  4. Using Deep Freeze In Combat

Obtaining Deep Freeze Via Melding

Deep Freeze can be obtained by combining the following Command Skills in the Meld Menu:

1st Command Skill Slot2nd Command Skill SlotTarget Command SkillCharacter RestrictionMeld Chance
BlizzagaTriple BlizzagaDeep FreezeAqua100%
BlizzagaBinding StrikeDeep FreezeTerra Ventus Aqua100%
BlizzagaFreeze RaidDeep FreezeTerra Ventus Aqua100%
Meld Menu (Freeze Raid + Blizzaga)

Note that all three characters can meld and use Deep Freeze in combat, although one of the combinations mentioned in the table above is exclusive to Aqua, as it has her exclusive Command Skill—Triple Blizzaga—in it.

Melding Complete (Deep Freeze With Air Combo Plus)

You can purchase the materials needed to meld Deep Freeze from any Command Shop in the World Map.

Command Shop

The cheapest material combination to buy in the Command Shop would be Blizzaga  (1,200 Munny)and Freeze Raid (200 Munny).

Alternative Sources For Deep Freeze

Listed below are all the possible sources of Deep Freeze, aside from melding.

Source #1: Command Shop

Command Shop (Deep Freeze)

You can purchase Deep Freeze from the Command Shop for 2,200 Munny after getting a copy of Deep Freeze via melding or from other alternative sources.

Source #2: Sticker Album (Aqua)

Sticker Album (Sticker Collection)

You can also get a free copy of Deep Freeze only as Aqua by collecting as many Stickers as you can for more Album points.

Sticker Album (Deep Freeze Reward Highlighted)

As shown in the image above, Aqua needs 80 Points to get Deep Freeze, and you can only get one copy of it from here once.

Source #3: Command Board (Toon Board)

You can get Deep Freeze by playing the Command Board from your Menu, then selecting the Toon Board:

Toon Board (Board Preview)

Next, you’ll have to get to the Bonus Panel highlighted in the image below to receive Deep Freeze at the end of the game:

Bonus Panel With Deep Freeze (Highlighted)

Best Abilities For Deep Freeze

Menu (Abilities)

The two best abilities you can get for Deep Freeze are Blizzard Boost (increases all Blizzard-type damage)and Magic Haste (reduces the Reload Time of all Magic-type Command Skills).

To get Blizzard Boost, you must farm and use Shimmering Crystals as your Synthesis material when melding certain Command Skills, and Fleeting Crystals  for Magic Haste.

Using Deep Freeze In Combat

Deep Freeze (Command Description)

Deep Freeze allows all three main characters to freeze all nearby enemies in a circular area, preventing them from taking any action and leaving them vulnerable to your attacks.

ParametersDeep Freeze
Max LevelLevel 5
Reload Time20 seconds
Slots Taken2 slots
Command Gauge Refill38%
Deep Freeze In Combat

Deep Freeze is one of the best Blizzard-type AoE Command Skills in the game that you can put in your deck. It is especially useful whenever you’re farming regular and even high-HP mobs.

While it doesn’t do as much damage compared to other top-tier Blizzard-type Command Skills such as Triple Blizzaga, Deep Freeze is also a fantastic option for when you’re facing bosses who aren’t immune to freezing.

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