How To Get Dark Haze In Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

To get Dark Haze, you’ll need to combine certain Command Skills such as Fire Dash and Zero Gravira in the Meld Menu. It can also be unlocked for purchase in the Command Shop.

Dark Haze is an attack-type AoE Command Skill that allows Terra to wipe out several enemies in one go, making it a useful skill when facing multiple enemies at once.


  1. Obtaining Dark Haze
  2. Best Abilities For Dark Haze
  3. Using Dark Haze In Combat

Obtaining Dark Haze

Dark Haze can be obtained by melding a variety of Command Skills together in the Meld Menu.

Meld Menu (Fire Dash + Zero Gravira + Fleeting Crystal)

Here are all the Command Skills you need to  meld together in order to create a copy of Dark Haze:

1st Command Skill Slot2nd Command Skill SlotTarget Command SkillMeld Chance
Fire DashZero GraviraDark Haze100%
Fire DashBlackoutDark Haze100%
Fire SurgeZero GravityDark Haze100%

Note that only Terra can meld these Command Skills together and equip Dark Haze for combat. Dark Haze will not show up for Ventus and Aqua in the Meld Menu.

Dark Haze
Melding Complete (Dark Haze With Attack Haste)

You can purchase the Command Skills required to meld Dark Haze from any Command Shop in the World Map.

Command Shop

For instance, you can buy Fire Dash for 150 Munny and Blackout for 600 Munny in the Command Shop, which would be the cheapest out of all three Command Skill combinations.

Command Shop (Dark Haze)

Alternatively, you can also purchase Dark Haze for 1,100 Munny once you’ve progressed far enough into the story.

This might take a while though, and this option will cost you more Munny compared to just buying and melding the material Command Skills.

Best Abilities For Dark Haze

Menu (Abilities)

By far the best ability you can get for Dark Haze would be Attack Haste, as it can shorten the Reload Time of all Attack-type Command Skills.

You can get Attack Haste  by farming and using Fleeting Crystals  as your synthesis material when melding new Command Skills.

Using Dark Haze In Combat

Dark Haze (Command Description)

Dark Haze is a powerful Command Skill that can help Terra clear out mobs of enemies in a straight line.

ParametersDark Haze
Max LevelLevel 4
Reload Time15 seconds
Slots Taken1 slot
Command Gauge Refill20%

Dark Haze has a 25% / 40% / 55% / 60% chance of inflicting Doom on a target depending on its level.

Dark Haze In Combat

Once Doom is inflicted, the target will die within five seconds—making it a very powerful (and cool) skill for Terra to have.

The only drawback of this skill is that Doom doesn’t work on bosses (it doesn’t insta-kill them), but it’s still fantastic for both boss fights and mob farming.

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