How To Get Confuse Barrier In Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

To get Confuse Barrier, you need to combine either Confuse or Confusion Strike with Barrier in the Meld Menu.

Confuse Barrier is one of Aqua’s exclusive defensive skills. It gives her a chance to inflict confusion on enemies whose attacks she has successfully blocked.


  1. Obtaining Confuse Barrier
  2. Best Abilities For Confuse Barrier
  3. Using Confuse Barrier In Combat

Obtaining Confuse Barrier

The two following Command Skill combinations will give you a copy of Confuse Barrier via melding:

1st Command Skill Slot2nd Command Skill SlotTarget Command SkillMeld Chance
BarrierConfuseConfuse Barrier100%
BarrierConfusion StrikeConfuse Barrier100%
Meld Menu (Barrier + Confuse + Secret Gem)

Keep in mind that only Aqua can receive Confuse Barrier via melding and use it in combat. Both Terra and Ventus cannot equip this Command Skill.

Confuse Barrier
Melding Complete (Confuse Barrier With HP Boost)

If you don’t have the materials required to meld Confuse Barrier, remember that you can just buy all of them from the Command Shop.

Command Shop

The cheapest combination to buy from the Command Shop would be Barrier (200 Munny) and Confuse (100 Munny).

Command Shop (Confuse Barrier)

Although, you can also buy Confuse Barrier straight from the Command Shop as long as you already have it unlocked for 600 Munny.

This would cost you more than just buying the materials and melding Confuse Barrier yourself, but feel free to do it if you have the Munny to spare.

Best Abilities For Confuse Barrier

Menu (Abilities)

Unlike most offensive Command Skills, Confuse Barrier doesn’t really need an ability to truly excel in combat. Just make sure to time this skill carefully and you’ll be fine!

You should, however, get a full stack of HP Boost as a precaution just in case you miss a few Confuse Barriers during combat.

You can get the HP Boost ability by farming and using Soothing Crystals  as your Synthesis material while melding certain Command Skills.

Using Confuse Barrier In Combat

Confuse Barrier (Command Description)

Confuse Barrier allows Aqua to block attacks from all sides with a circular barrier, rendering her invincible for a few moments and confusing the enemies that dare attack her.

ParametersConfuse Barrier
Max LevelLevel 3
Reload TimeNone
Slots Taken1 slot
Command Gauge RefillNone
Confuse Barrier
Confuse Barrier In Combat

Confuse Barrier is one of Aqua’s three Barrier variations and is quite useful when you’re going against a large mob of Unversed.

Confusion makes your enemies less likely to move, attack, or evade, which leaves them more vulnerable to your attacks.

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