How To Trigger The Combat Level Glitch In Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

There is no reliable way to trigger the Combat Level glitch, but the best method involves having one save per character with their final bosses not cleared, then clearing them consecutively to unlock the Final Episode.

The Combat Level glitch alters the Combat Level of your characters’ worlds, which allows you to level up characters faster .


  1. What Is The Combat Level Glitch?
  2. How To Trigger The Combat Level Glitch

What Is The Combat Level Glitch?

The Combat Level glitch in Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep is a glitch where the Combat Level of all worlds you can go to on the map is higher than what they’re supposed to be.

For instance, the highest Combat Level of the Radiant Garden in a normal save should be Level 6—as shown in the image below:

Normal Combat Level (Radiant Garden LV. 6)

While in a glitched save, it can be as high as Level 9 or 10, as you can see here:

Combat Level Glitch
Glitched Combat Level (Radiant Garden LV. 10)

Farming on worlds that have a higher Combat Level makes leveling your characters easier, as the enemies in these glitched worlds will be stronger, yet provide more EXP when killed.

EXP Farming (Combat)

Remember that since you can easily beat the game at around Level 40 to 60, triggering the Combat Level glitch isn’t necessary unless you want to max out all characters quickly.

How To Trigger The Combat Level Glitch

If you want to trigger the Combat Level glitch, you’ll have to first remove any Final Episode save you have in your memory stick.

Next, make sure you have three saves for each character where their final bosses aren’t cleared. You can save using any savepoint in-game for all three characters as long as their boss is unbeaten.

TIP: To make things more convenient, you can make these three saves after you clear most of each of the characters’ story, and beating their final bosses is all you have left to do.

Savestate (Ventus)

With each character’s saves ready and all Final Episode saves deleted, you must now collect all Xehanort Pages, then clear all final bosses for each character consecutively to unlock the Final Episode and proceed.

Final Episode Boss (Xehanort)

After clearing the Final Episode, you will automatically be prompted by the game at the end to make a save of a “beaten” Final Episode.

In theory, this save will cause the Combat Level glitch to trigger in all of the other saves you have for Terra, Aqua, and Ventus.

Final Battle Cleared (Report)

And there you go—all you have to do is check if the Combat Levels of the worlds in each of the three character’s saves have increased. Credits to MultiKoopa for this method!

Save State (Final Episode)

Do note that this might not work 100% of the time and that you might be able to trigger the Combat Level glitch accidentally by doing something else, as it is still unclear what exactly causes this glitch to activate.

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