Where To Get Chaos Crystals In Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

The best way to get some Chaos Crystals is to farm them from Archravens, which are Unversed that are found in the Radiant Garden’s Aqueduct zone.

You can also buy Chaos Crystals from the Medal Shop located in the Mirage Arena for 500 Medals each.

Getting To The Radiant Garden (Aqueduct)

World Map (Radiant Garden)

The Radiant Garden is located on the upper-right side of the World Map. You will be able to unlock it right after beating Vanitas with Mickey Mouse’s help in the ??? World.

Radiant Garden (Map Highlights)

To get to where the Archravens are, you must first select Castle Town as your destination, then head north to the Fountain Court.

Small Fountain (Jump Booster)

In the Fountain Court, use the small fountains scattered all over the area to reach the path up top, which then leads to the Aqueduct. The path should look like this:

Path (Fountain Court > Aqueduct)

Farming Chaos Crystals From The Unversed (Archraven)

There is only one Unversed in the game that drops Chaos Crystals, and it is called the Archraven.

Unversed That Drop Chaos CrystalsPrimary LocationDrop Rate For Chaos Crystals
ArchravenRadiant Garden5% (Shop Level 7-8)
Archraven (Highlighted)

You only have a 5% chance of getting a Chaos Crystal every time you beat an Archraven, so be prepared for a lot of grinding if you want several pieces of Chaos Crystals.

Using Abounding Crystals  as your Synthesis material when melding your Command Skills should improve the drop rate through an ability called Lucky Strike.

Equip a Command Skill with Lucky Strike if you want to farm more Chaos Crystals from Archravens.

How To Beat Archravens

Archravens have decent HP, but they are weak against Fire-type attacks.

They are easy to kill, but you’ll have to get up in the air if you’re planning on killing them with melee attacks.

Stat TypesArchraven Stats
Physical Weaknessx1.00 (Neutral)
Fire Weaknessx1.25 (Weak)
Blizzard Weaknessx1.00 (Neutral)
Thunder Weaknessx1.00 (Neutral)
Dark Weaknessx1.00 (Neutral)
Archraven (Report Page)

The easiest way to beat Archravens is to attack them with Fire-type Command Skills such as Firaga, Fire Dash, or Fire Strike.

They usually spawn with multiple Unversed such as Blue Sea Salts, so we recommend using AoE-based Command Skills as well.

Archraven MovesetAttack TypeDescription
Glide AttackMeleeLunges at the player from above.
Kuchibashi DriveMeleeShines red in the air before diving the player.
Prize HuntRanged (Collection)Steals any uncollected orbs in the area.

All you need to watch out for are the Archraven’s glide attacks, which are fast enough to catch players off guard while they’re fighting multiple enemies.

Buying Chaos Crystals From The Mirage Arena

World Map (Mirage Arena)

If you want to buy some Chaos Crystals, just go to the Mirage Arena where you’ll find the Medal Shop. It is located on the upper-left side of the World Map.

Medal Shop (Chaos Crystal)

The Medal Shop sells Chaos Crystals for 500 Medals each, but you have to be at Arena Level 10 to be able to purchase them.

Using Chaos Crystals

The only use of Chaos Crystals is for Melding. It acts as a Synthesis material, which gives new Command Skills unique abilities that improve their performance in battle.

Chaos Crystals
Meld Menu (Quick Blitz + Blizzard + Chaos Crystal)

Chaos Crystals, in particular, give Command Skills random abilities that are provided by other crystals when used as a Synthesis material.

Melding Complete (Blizzard Edge with Air Combo Plus)

Chaos Crystals are quite rare and very hard to farm, and you don’t really need them if you already have a particular ability in mind you want to attach to your Command Skill.

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